Jaybird X3

The headphones come with a multitude of fitting options, with three different sizes of fins, Comply foam tips and silicone tips, as well as a shirt clip and two cable-shortening clips.
It’s worth mentioning that two separate sets of the Jaybird X3 we received had the medium silicone tips (the ones attached to the headphones on shipping) distinctly warped. It seemed like the silicone had shrivelled a bit and, as a result, neither held its shape nor sealed correctly. None of the other tips had this issue so we assume it’s a packaging problem.

Despite their athletic focus, the headphones still suffer from occasional connection loss, especially when your phone is in your left (and sometimes even right) pants’ pocket, a problem that still plagues many wireless and truly wireless headphones on the market.

Beyond these drop-outs, the sound quality is exceptional considering the X3s are both inexpensive and wireless.
Unfortunately the smaller profile means that the X3s now charge with a proprietary charging dock — although the tiny dock still uses micro-USB. While the higher-end Jaybird Freedom range has made this dock double as a portable charging pack, the X3’s is just another piece of paraphernalia that you’ll either want to leave at home, or risk losing.
This really is a fabulous pair of sports earphones on the whole, and the flaws we’ve mentioned are comparatively minor for what is otherwise a superb wireless offering at a stellar price-point.

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