Nuforce BE SPORT

The NuForce BE Sport4 earbuds look exceptionally smart. They’re made of a glossy black metal, with lime green detailing for a subtle splash of color.
A high degree of personalization is enabled by the included fittings, which allow you to tailor the fit of the earbuds to suit your ears.

The BE Sport4 earbuds are predictably light at just 15g, but they’re substantial enough to feel sturdy. The tethered design does mean, however, that taking one earbud out will cause the weight to pull on the other, and we found them impossible to use only in one ear – you need to either have them both in, or both out.
Like their well-received predecessors, the BE Sport 3s, these earbuds are wonderfully multi-purpose. While they’re intended primarily for use during exercise, their light weight and portability make them ideal for use on your commute, or on the go in general.
Whether using them for a gentle jog on the treadmill or a fast-paced circuits session, we found the earbuds to be wonderfully stable, while never becoming uncomfortable or overheating.