The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes in two different screen sizes (38mm or 42mm) with dozens of variations depending on the watch material or band type selected.
Apple Watch 38mm display
Apple Watch 38mm display
Both sizes of the Apple Watch feel more compact on the wrist than the other smartwatches we tested. Initial set-up is very straightforward; simply hold the watch face up to the iPhone’s camera when prompted to pair the two devices and you’re all set. To navigate, you select menu items and apps with your finger, or move through menu choices using a combination of button selections and rotation of the digital crown.

There’s no virtual keyboard, but if you can use siri on your iPhone you’ll find the Apple Watch easy to use as the voice-to-text feature for input is simple to use and accurate.

You can’t reply to emails, only view them, but you can read and reply to text messages using a selection of default responses or use your iPhone to add your own personal responses and save it in the list. You can also use Siri to send the reply as either an audio file or a converted text message.

Apple Watch 42mm display
Apple Watch 42mm display
The apps you’ll most likely use on a daily basis focus on notification (either via a sound or a small tap on the wrist) such as alerts for meetings, incoming messages and calls that you can take on your watch without having to remove your phone from your pocket. The fitness and activity apps are useful for day-to-day health checks rather than serious fitness, but provide timely reminders of when you should get up and stretch, walk around or generally take a break from sitting at your desk. Our tester found the heart rate monitor to deliver similar performance to the average fitness band, although unlike a fitness band, you still need to have your phone nearby.

The watch is charged with a USB-powered cable, which you’ll probably be using every night as a full charge only lasts a day.

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