The Pebble Watch

The recently launched Pebble Time suggested that many people want a watch that i


s smart (without being too smart) and lasts days rather than hours on a full battery.

The latest Pebble Time adds a bit of colour (namely a colour e-paper screen), a microphone to dictate message replies and additional storage for more apps. Thankfully, it still delivers great battery life, an updated yet still easy to use interface and best of all, it’s half the price of the cheapest Apple Watch and 100 times cheaper than the most expensive Apple Watch.


Pebble Time and the accessories it ships with
Our Pebble Time watch, purchased for just over $200 in the initial Kickstarter rollout, arrived in a recycled cardboard box, containing the watch, a proprietary magnetised USB charging cable (no charger) and a scrap of paper for a manual.

The 32mm diagonal display of the Pebble Time is small yet easy to read in normal lighting conditions, and it curves comfortably to your wrist. At only 43 grams and 9.5mm thick it’s also lighter and thinner than the Android Wear watches from Samsung, Sony and LG and even the smallest Apple.

The silicone watchband is very comfortable to wear but its modern look may not appeal to everyone. Happily, you can replace it with any standard 22mm wide leather or stainless steel watch band.

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