This article is brought to you by LCSC, the home of high quality and cheap components. Check the out here! (Note: This is a sponsored article but that does not change my opinion or make it bias in anyway. This is my honest opinion!) LCSC was launched in 2011, after 6-year accumulation of experience and […]


Wi-Fi RGB Strip Controller

Well it’s finally here, the RGB Strip controller powered by a LINKIT ONE. But before we delve into the project i would like to thanks the sponsors that made this possible. LCSC, for great quality components at a low price, check them out here! And their components here! And JLCPCB, for providing the PCBs, get […]

Reviews Updates!


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PC Peripherals Reviews


You probably haven’t heard of them, the fairly new company coming to the market of gaming monitors. Aftershock, they are an Australian based monitor brand making decent monitors for a fraction of the price. I in particular am reviewing the X340, a 34″, 100hz curved gaming monitor. Now before i go into the review i […]