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Thanks guys!

So last month i wrote a review on the component seller LCSC, i talked about how to order, the processing of your order, how long shipping takes etc.

But than i was thinking, LCSC doesn’t only sell components, they sell a wide range of other things as well. So i asked if i could make an article on all the other things that they sold- and they agreed and sent some out for this article.

So i first started browsing around on the LCSC site at all the other products they have to offer that aren’t components. This includes soldering stations, hot air stations, Raspberry PIs, Multimeters and so much more. But i am only going to talk about the products i received.

So the first one i am going to talk about is the Mechanic HK-936 which is a clone of the greatly successful Hakko 936 for only $35! The station came nicely packed and included a stand and adapter for Australia.

It is compatible with all 936 tips and heats up quickly with a fast recovery.

They also offer many different kinds of soldering stations and accessories, including tips, solder, solder wick and solder pumps.

Next up is breadboards, no electronics hobbyist can go without these and at under $2 each they are irresistible!

Tweezers! If you want to get into smd work, which i highly recommend, you will need a good pair of tweezers and at $2 for an ESD safe non-magnetic pair of tweezers, this is a steal!

Do you need a good quality multimeter? LCSC has you covered with a huge range of mulitmeters from big brands like Fluke or UNI-TREND for a great price! Like this UT-53 for only $20 with amazing features.

Need a variable power supply? No problem pick up this UTP3313TFL for only $60.

What about oscilloscopes or fume extractors? Yep they have them too!

They have so much more that i can’t list them all but you get the idea, if you need components, tools, instruments, solder or something else. It is most likely that LCSC has it.

Answering questions, writing reviews and playing with tech is what i do best. Love myself some pizza and a good game to play, after i finish my work of course. My #1 skill would have to be procrastination, but once i get stuck into my work i can do it for hours. I love what i do and hope you all love reading it and interacting with me!