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Omna, By D-Link

Today we are going to be doing a review of the newly released D-Link Omna. D-Link’s latest wire-free cameras.

I would like to say a big thanks to D-Link for sending these out for review.

When you receive your new Omna camera kit it comes nicely packaged in cardboard and bubble wrap. Included in the box is 2 of the wire free cameras, 1 wifi hub, 2 mounting brackets, 1 mounting arm, micro usb cable, dp power cable and a quick start guide.



The Omna cameras have a glossy front where it houses the microphone, lens, light sensor and PIR window.

omna specs

The Omna body is nice and hefty and has a soft but durable outer plastic shell. The cameras are IP65 rated and are great for outdoor surveillance.

Smart Home Capabilities

The DCS-2800LH is a compact, wireless, and has a battery capable of lasting months without charging. The camera has IR leds and so is suitable for day-time and night-time recording of up to 7.5m over WiFi to the main WiFi hub, the DCS-H100.

The Omna Camera’s built in motion detection will automatically send motion alert notifications to your phone or other device.

D-Link’s DCS-H100 is easy to connect to your network, just plug it in and set it up and your good to go. The DCS-H100 is also capable of recording up to 4 cameras simultaneoneusly.

The DCS-H100 has good I/O with an RJ45 ethernet jack, USB 2.0, DC Power Jack and a micro SD card slot for video recording. It is possible to record onto USB but is not recommended.

The DCS-H100 Wi-Fi Hub together with the mydlink™ app supports two-way audio, simultaneous live viewing, recording, and playback for up to four DCS-2800LH cameras. The Wi-Fi Hub has ports that allow you to record snapshots and video clips to a micro SD card or external HDD, and cloud storage is possible with mydlink™ app.

Access your recordings anywhere

With the mydlink™ app you can easily monitor your cameras from anywhere with an internet connection. You can interact with any one on the other side with the integrated two way audio with the ability to manually start recording.


The Cameras has the ability to do 1080p at 24fps with H.264 compression.

It has a lens focal length: 1.9 mm and an Aperture of F2.2.

Omna Technical Specs

Credit: D-Link
Credit: D-Link

DCS-H100 Wifi Hub Specs

Credit: D-Link

Credit: D-Link

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I really enjoyed trying out the Omna cameras by D-Link, they have great video quality, excellent night vision, super versatile. I love how they can be indoor or outdoor as well.

This is an amazing kit for a great price for Wifi Cameras. I would definitely get some if you want to keep your home secure or keep an eye on your family.

Big thanks again to D-Link for sending these out.

The new Omna Wire-Free Surveillance Kit (DCS-2802KT) is available now in Australia at www.dlink.com.au and at all authorized D-Link re sellers and retailers across Australia and New Zealand.

D-Link D-Fend announcement!

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