Astro A10

Today we will be reviewing the Astro A10 headset by Astro gaming.

Big thanks to Astro for send these out.

When you receive you A10s they come nicely packaged in a solid cardboard shell. On this inside holds the A10 headset, some cables and some documentation.


astro a10 ps4

The overall design of the Astro A10 is mainly matte black with a few glossy black areas. Also depending on the version you got there will be different accent colors. This includes, blue, red, green, gold and khaki green.

The headset is extremely durable with a solid plastic body that holds both, non-removable, ear cups and the boom microphone.

The ear cups and head band are made up a soft padded foam and support your head nicely. The ear cups do extend from 1-4 cm to provide support for all different head sizes.

I couldn’t find any specs on the microphone but it sounds good enough for a budget headset and can move freely up and down and also in and out from your mouth

Astro A10 Specs

The Astro A10s are compatible with a range of devices including, PS4, XBOX One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

It includes the necessary cables to make it work on the switch and mobile, it has a removable 3.5 mm cable that also has an in-line volume wheel.

astro a10 specs

If you don’t understand the specs, well here is the less technical definition,

They sound great, not too tiny or quiet, the bass is good with good highs and lows.


I know this was a short review, but there is not much to say, it’s a great budget headset and i recommend it to anyone who needs a good sounding headset but is on a tight budget.

Again, thanks to Astro for sending these out.

Buy a pair from Astro Here!

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