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Dicker Data receives Australia’s first shipment of FUJIFILM LTO-8 data tapes

SYDNEY, 24 September 2019 – To meet the unprecedented demand for FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium8 Data Cartridges (LTO-8), Dicker Data has received and begun shipping the first Australian delivery of tapes. Dicker Data National Business Development Manager Paul Tutton explained, “To say the market has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of FUJIFILM LTO-8 tapes is an understatement. As […]

Tech News Updates!

Telstra and Magna Systems deliver live, 8K VR streaming over 5G in Australian first

MELBOURNE, 5 September 2019 – At this year’s Telstra Vantage showcase, Telstra, broadcast and telecoms specialists Magna Systems and their technology partner Summit Tech delivered an Australian first providing live, 8K VR streaming over Telstra’s 5G network with images captured by a Kandao Obsidan R 8K camera from the Gold Coast to viewers in Melbourne. Live, 8K VR streaming […]

Tech News Updates!

Xbox ANZ create limited-edition Gears 5 inspired jewellery

SYDNEY, Australia, Friday 6 September 2019 – As gamers around Australia prepare to lift their Lancers for the launch of Gears 5, Xbox ANZ has revealed an exclusive range of bespoke unisex jewellery inspired by the iconography of the fan-favourite franchise.   Crafted by fire and cast in ice-cold silver, Australian designer, Jason Moss, took inspiration from the mysterious Locust necklace owned by Gears 5’s lead protagonist, Kait Diaz, to create a limited edition ring and pendent design that any COG would be proud to wear.  Most famous […]