PCBWAY is one of the biggest China based PCB manufacturers with a huge online customer base, they have over 200,000 customers worldwide with over 8000 orders per day! This is incredible. They’re company does not only offer PCBs, they also have a pcb assembly.

The PCB i am going to order is my “Nerd Ruler”

To start, all you have to do is export you Gerber files as shown above and then go to pcbway.com, 

Click the “Instant Quote” Button to take you to the next step in the ordering process.

This is where you get to change all the specs of the PCB and it is so easy to do so with their intuitive menu design.

Check your price, Pick your desired shipping method and click “Save to Cart”

It will take you to the page fill in your details and choose your payment method.

Fill in your details, pick your desired shipping and payment method and click continue.

Once you pay for it the order will show up in your account.

Here you can cancel the order, only if it hasn’t started production, find your courier and tracking number and also check the production process from start to finish. Another great thing about PCBWAY is that the turn around on the PCBs are so fast.

See for yourself, the production is so fast and you can check when it goes through every stage of manufacturing.

Once you receive your PCBs, they come well packaged with a vacuum sealed bubble wrap surrounding the PCB.

The quality of the PCBs are amazing and exactly what i would expect. All the pads were properly tinned, holes to the write diameter and traces making a proper connection.

The silk screen is super high quality and easy to read as well.

They even manage to get the solder mask between the pin holes with is amazing!

Most PCB manufactures put there own mark on there which i normally hate because it is generally branding, but with PCBWAY, They do have a marking but if you order a panel it is on the edge rails.

Now some of you probably think there is a catch to the whole $5 for 10, i just want to clarify that with a big NO, there are no hidden fees and the PCBs are only $5. The reason they are more on mine is because i am in Australia so it has to convert to the AUS Dollar. Of course if you want bigger PCBs than 100×100 or a different solder mask colour and so on. You will have to pay more for those premiums but for most hobby and prototype boards 1.6mm and 100×100 should be enough.

In conclusion, i think if that you need high quality PCBs and need them fast, Than pick PCBWAY for their great value, super high quality and great customer service.  

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