So most people think that if you want to get a good quality soldering station- you have to spend big, right?

Well today i am going to show you that is WRONG.

KSGER were kind enough to send me out one of their t12 compatible soldering stations for me to review.

If you would like to purchase one, click here!

First off i want to say that this station looks amazing, it is such a small form factor but packs a big punch.

The first thing i recommend when buying anything electronic from China is to open it up and just check to see if there is nothing weird. And this is amazing, everything is nicely soldered with no flux residue. The mains input is fused from the socket and on the pcb for your safety. The iec plug is hard-soldered to the board for a good connection and a safe ground.

IMG20190111191331 1

The unit i got came with two tips, a conical and a knife style tip- The body is made from anodized aluminium and the face plate as a beautiful machined aluminium plate. The connectors are are metal which is nice and they fit together greatly with no wiggle.


The handle has a soft rubber grip with a good tip to grip distance, the grip doesn’t get too hot while in use but does get noticeably warm.

Now the reason i would recommend one of these over another cheap soldering station like the mechanic HK-936 is because of the tip technology.


As you can see from the picture above the tips on the 936 are separated from the actual heater causing it to lose heat and not being able to give as much power on a ground plane. The T12 tips on the other hand are all in one heater cartridges with the heater built in to the actual tip.

The station uses a nice oled screen with a one-click rotary encoder.


The main screen shows the set temp, actual temp, how much power the tip is delivering and the ambient temperature.


The menu is easy to use with one click taking you to set the temperature and holding it in will take you to the menu where you can change settings like time, standby, sleep etc.

In Conclusion

If you need a good cheap soldering station that uses the “new” soldering tip technology i highly recommend this one from KSGER, if you would like to purchase one, click this link.

Thanks everyone,