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Are They Worth The Money? | Astro A20 Headset Review

So recently Astro sent over their A20 headset for me to give a try, So over the course of roughly two weeks i gave i put it through various tests to see what it can do.

Big thanks to Astro for sending these out for review!

Design and Features

The Astro A20’s take on the well known Astro look with it’s round-ish rectangular drivers. The two drivers are made of a grey coloured plastic with the headband being black.

Included in the box is the headset itself, the wireless receiver, two USB A to Micro USB, an optical audio cable and some documentation.

a20 headset

On the left driver is one variant of the Astro logo and the boom microphone, on the right is also the Astro Logo with A20 also printed underneath, the grey colour continues halfway up the headband until the top where it changes to black.

The right side is also where you will find the controls, Made up of a power button, volume wheel, EQ button and status light. On the bottom of the right side is also where you will find the micro USB port for charging the headset. 

a20 wireless receiver

The wireless receiver is made of a glossy black plastic with 2 USB type A ports on the back, one for power/audio and another for charging the headset. Also on the back is the optical audio port and the switch to change it from console to PC or peasant to Master Race.


  • 15 Hours of battery life*
  • Tuned with Astro Audio
  • Long Lasting Comfort
  • Astro Command Centre


The A20’s are reasonably comfortable, they have a soft rubber material on the top of the headband to stop it digging into your precious skull and soft cushiony ear cups to protect your ears.

Battery Life

Astro claim that the A20’s are capable of 15+ Hours of battery life, I could only get them to stay on for 11 on a full charge.


a20 specs

Sound Quality

To put it in one word they sound awesome, They have the same sound quality as their bigger brothers in the Astro lineup, But unfortunately they lack any surround sound which is a must for me with any gaming headset, Surround sound is absolutely necessary for competitive games where you need to be able to hear enemies. They are also lacking a little in the bass department, It’s alright but could be a little better. Overall though, they sound pretty decent.


They Astro A20’s are a pretty good buy for anyone who wants wireless headphones but don’t want to pay the extreme price for the others. Although you are missing out on a few features and they are a bit pricey.  

But them from the Astro Website

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