A little while ago, my friends over at Razer sent over the Basilisk Essential Mouse for me to review, so over a few weeks i tested it out to see how it performed.

Big thanks to Razer for sending this out for review.

Design and First Impressions

Upon received your new mouse, you will get, the mouse itself, an interchangeable paddle, a legendary Razer sticker and some documentation.

Mouse Top

The overall shape of the Basilisk Essential is quite ergonomic, it fits well in the palm of your hand and does not induce any cramping. The mouse is a bit on the smaller side, which is something i personally don’t like but i’m sure a lot of you smaller handed folk will.

On the top of the mouse is a DPI switch button, to change the DPI level and the RGB Razer logo with a 16.8 million colour range.

Unfortunately for the left handed of you all, this is not an ambidextrous mouse and is only really suited for right handers.

But nevertheless, on the left side of the mouse is the thumb rest and the interchangeable paddle. This gives you the option to have it on or have it off and covered by a piece of rubber.

Mouse Angled Right


  • Native 6,400 DPI Optical Sensor
  • 7 Customizable ‘Hyperresponse’ Buttons
  • Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches
  • Powered by Razer Chroma
  • Multi-Function Paddle

Now, let’s go into a bit more detail on that paddle.

The paddle on the Basilisk essential is capable of many things, including, but not limited to:

  • DPI Shifting
  • In-game Crouching
  • Push to talk or PTT
  • Weapon Toggle, between primary and secondary
  • Sprinting

To change any of these, you into the Razer synapse software and it is super easy to change, just click on the paddle and chose the desired function.

The Basilisk has 7* programmable button, well technically there is 7 programmable buttons. But two of them are the left and right mouse buttons which i’m not sure why you would reprogram.


The Razer Basilisk Essential has a sensor capable of 6,400 DPI, which really is not a lot compared to my favorite mouse ever, the Logitech G502 with a 16,000 DPI capable sensor.

Razer Basilisk Essential Gallery01 1024x683

Razer Chroma

Yes, it’s 2019, of course this mouse has RGB and is controlled by Razer’s ever-growing Chroma software. It’s really easy and intuitive to set up multiple profiles to match different colours.


The Razer Basilisk is definitely a good mouse-Is it great? I don’t think i would go that far, but if you are looking for a decent RGB gaming mouse, this one should go on your list.

Buy one from Razer

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  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money