Quite some time ago (Sorry), Belkin sent over their Pocket Power 15K for me to review.

So over a few weeks I got to test it out, And spoiler alert, I was impressed!

Big thanks to Belkin for sending this over for review!

Design and Features

Firstly, What’s in the box? Well you get the Pocket Power 15K itself, A USB-A to Micro USB cable and some documentation. It would have been nice to see a USB-C cable included for modern devices.

Credit: Belkin

The whole body of the Pocket Power 15K is made entirely of a hard black plastic with a sort of glossy/matte finish. On the top is the Belkin logo, On the left is the battery indicator lights and on the front is two USB-A ports and a Micro USB charging port, Again it would be nice to see USB-C. The overall sturdiness of the battery bank is really good, Though I wouldn’t go dropping it as the plastic doesn’t seem too thick and something could puncture the internal cell.


  • 15,000 mAh battery
  • 5V 3.4 amp total output quickly charges devices
  • 5V 2.0 amp total input recharges battery quickly
  • 2 x universal USB port
  • Compact and thin design for portability
  • 6 inch Micro-USB cable recharges battery
  • 4 LED indicators show battery power level
  • Lightweight, efficient, Polymer cells
  • Durable, plastic casing
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs / 340 g
  • $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty

The Pocket Power 15K also has some really good safety features like Sensors that detect and guard against excess heat and voltage fluctuation.

Credit: Belkin

Unfortunately the Pocket Power 15K does not have any support for Fast or Priority charging.


I don’t have a completely accurate way of testing battery banks as that would require a lot of expensive equipment, But the way I tested the Belkin Pocket Power 15K was I didn’t use my main wall charger for 4 days on my Samsung Galaxy S8 and the battery bank lasted about 4 days after charging the phone from 20% to 100% which is pretty decent.


The Belkin Pocket Power 15K comes in at around $50 AUD which really isn’t a bad price for what you get. Currently Belkin has an odd sale on it where you can get it for 0.99c cheaper? Don’t really understand that, But maybe you could donate the extra dollar to the NSW RFS.



The Belkin Pocket Power 15K is quite a good deal for 15,000mAh at $50 with pretty good performance. Perfect for that long weekend away off grid.

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  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money