Today we will be reviewing the Blue Yeticaster microphone kit by Blue Microphones. Big thanks to Blue Microphones for sending this one out for review.

Receiving your Yeticaster

The Blue Yeticaster comes well packed in a very odd packaging, it almost looks like a guitar box, it is all held in with a soft but durable open cell foam. Included in the Box is the Yeti itself, the Radius III shockmount, the Compass stand, the desk mount, a USB cable and some documentation.

Bundles Product Yeticaster Desktop
Photo Credit: Blue Microphones


Well firstly we’ll start off with the Yeti. The yeti is an all metal, matte black microphone in a sort of big cylindrical shape. On the front is the Blue Logo, a mute button and headphone volume knob. The top is a metal mesh grille, bottom there is the screw hole for the shockmount, usb mini b slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack. On the other side of the microphone is the polar pattern knob and the gain knob, a feature that is actually really useful.

The Yeti is quite heavy and sturdy, good weapon if someone sneaks up on you while recording,

Secondly, The Compass boom arm, there’s not much to say about it, as, well – it’s a regular boom arm. The arm slips into the rock solid C-Clamp and swivels nicely. Speaking of the C-Clamp, it fits onto almost any surface and holds the arm very well, there are no stupid buttons to lock or unlock the arm, just sit it in. Up the arm are 3 tension knobs for adjusting the tension in case you aren’t using the Yeti and buy the arm separately. On the back is a cable track and cable clips to hold in said cable.

And Thirdly, The Radius III shock mount, it’s a shock mount, not much else can be said about it. The elastic holding it in has good tension to stop noise from the arm and desk from going into the mic, it has an adjustable up and down motion allowing you to point the microphone almost anywhere. There is one feature i really wish it had, swivel, so that you could tilt the microphone back and forth depending on where you had it.

Yeti Features

Bundles Product Yeti Blackout Desktop

The Blue Yeti has 4 recording modes,

Cardioid Mode

Cardioid Pattern Desktop Large 1

Perfect for podcasts, game streaming, vocal performances, voice-overs and instruments. Cardioid mode records sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone, delivering rich, full-bodied sound.

Stereo Mode

Stereo Pattern Desktop Large

Uses both the left and right channels to capture a wide, realistic sound image—ideal for recording acoustic guitar or choir.

Omnidirectional Mode

Omnidirectional Pattern Desktop Large

Picks up sound equally from all around the mic. It’s best used in situations when you want to capture the ambience of “being there”.Like recording a band’s live performance, a multi-person podcast or a conference call.


Bidirectional Pattern Desktop Large

Records from both the front and rear of the microphone—good for recording a duet or a two-person interview.

All of these settings are changeable by the hardware knob on the backside of the microphone, none of this software rubbish.

Super Easy Setup

The Yeti is extremely simple to setup. Just plug on end of the cable into the Yeti and one into your USB port and your ready to go. No need to download drivers!

You can easily adjust the gain via the gain knob on the back of the microphone. Even at a high gain it has good noise cancellation.

Sound Quality

The Yeti has really good sound quality for a very reasonable price.

Listen to the sample below.

Blue Yeti Sample Audio


The Blue Yeticaster is a great option for a startup blogger, podcaster, vlogger, YouTuber or streamer. It’s a super versatile option with room for upgrade in the future.

I highly recommend this for anyone needing a good startup mic or just a good studio quality kit.

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