Printers, they’re an odd thing. There’s some out there that it’s cheaper to buy a whole new printer than go and buy the new ink for it. Really if you think about it, it’s a great business idea! But let’s face it, for us consumers, selling a kidney to just print out that report really isn’t worth it. But lately a lot of the mainstream printer brands have been coming up with new and more efficient ways to make inkjet printers. And today I’m going to be looking at one from Brother. The MFC-J6945DW.

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What’s in the Box?

The box, ohh the box. This was such a struggle to get into my photo area. It’s so massive and heavy! TNT needed two people to just get it onto my porch!! Anyhow, Included in the box is the chonkenator 5000 aka the printer itself.

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You also get 4 ink cartridges (Black, Magenta, Yellow and Cyan), an AC power cable, a DSL cable for the 1% that still use fax, an adapter for the old phone jack’s here in Australia and you get some documentation.

Design and Features

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Design wise this is a massive printer compared to what most people would have and see. It’s about 50cm wide and weighs in at a massive 24Kg! At the front of the printer is where you will find the main control screen to access all the settings and configurations of the printer and this is also where you first set the printer up once you get it out of the box As well as the power button and led indicator and the NFC reader. 

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Continuing down the front you will find the print tray where all the completed prints up to A3 will come out and further down from there are the two paper trays where the paper is stored. Something I didn’t really like with this is for housing A3 paper you have to have the paper tray sticking out quite far. I know this was to save space but I think Brother could have thought of a better way to do this. 

On the top left of the printer is the USB 2.0 port to be able to print photos and documents straight from a USB flash drive. Over on the right side is where the ink cartridges live. Yep, this is an Inkjet printer with the cartridges separate to the print head itself.

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Ink Storage

I for one think that this is a fantastic idea compared to the tank design that other companies go with. Having replaceable cartridges just makes it so much quicker and easier to replace ink ledalone saving possible catastrophic mess with a spilt ink bottle!

Lifting up the scanner bed reveals the 10/100 Ethernet port to connect this to your network and have it in a central location as well as the USB 2.0 Type B port to connect it straight to a PC.


And finally, the backside. This is where you will find the multifunction tray to put the odd types of printing materials like glossy paper, and different photo sizes. At the bottom is where the main AC power in port is also located.


Save on Ink Costs

With the Inkvestment system that Brother has come up with you can save an exceptional amount of money over the year with over 3000 pages worth of ink included in the box with the printer.

Clean, Replaceable Ink Tanks

The way Brother designed their ink tanks for this printer is quite genius. Gone are the days where you have to line up a special ink bottle to fill a tank while praying to the printer gods that you wouldn’t spill it all over Karen’s table in the office. Well with these intuitive tank ‘cartridges’ all you have to do is hotswap a new one when you’re running low on ink!

Made for business use

With fast printing up to 22ppm, duplex printing and scanning up to an A3 page the Brother MFC-J6945DW will be sure to keep up with your office needs. As well as the standard Ethernet or USB connectivity you can also print wirelessly from your phone, tablet, laptop.

NFC Mobile Printing

This one’s a cool one. By using the NFC reader on the front of the printer you can quickly and easily print or scan by tapping your phone on the NFC reader. It’s a super quick and efficient way to turn digital documents into prints!

A Plethora of Connectivity Options

The Brother MFC-J6945DW can be printed to by quite a few different means. You can connect it via USB for direct printing. Ethernet for network printing. WiFi for wireless printing. NFC for mobile printing. Or use the USB port on the front of the printer to print directly from a USB drive by using the touch screen!

Keep Up To Date

With the printer being connected to the internet. The MFC-J6945DW will automatically download any firmware updates that are available meaning that you will always have the latest firmware running.


There are a lot of specifications listed for the Brother MFC-J6945DW but here is a small list of them. If you’re interested in seeing them all you can check out the Brother website for more detailed specs.

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Setting up the Brother MFC-J6945DW is really quite simple. Just get it out of the box, (this is kind of a struggle because of how heavy it is!) Then you just need to plug it in, power it on, connect it to the internet to download any firmware updates and you’re pretty much good to go!


Now for the software, Normally don’t use any apart from the drivers. However, you can get some extra functionality by downloading the software or apps on mobile. For me, I don’t bother as adding the drivers and using the web gui is enough for me.

If you do want to get the software for this printer head over to the MFC-J6945DW product page and click downloads to get it. As for the web gui, it’s quite simple and easy to use. Just navigate to the IP that you either set for the printer or that was issued by DHCP. Here you can check things like ink levels. Do maintenance and change settings. 

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The performance on the Brother MFC-6945DW is really quite good, it has quite a fast printing speed and does a good job at scanning in multiple pieces of paper at once. Print quality is really good and is capable of printing photos at pretty good resolutions. Double sided printing is quick too compared to some printers that I have used in the past.


The Brother MFC-J6945DW can be found online for around AUD $589 on websites like Scorptec.


Overall the Brother MFC-J6945DW is a really solid printer. It offers great features, a plethora of connectivity options. NFC being one of my personal favorites. It’s fast, efficient and just easy to use.

Buy one from Scorptec (Reliable and one of the best prices I have found it for)

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Disclosure: The Brother MFC-J6945DW review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

Brother MFC-J6945DW Review | A Printer to Inkvest in!
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Overall the Brother MFC-J6945DW is a really solid printer. It offers great features, a plethora of connectivity options. NFC being one of my personal favorites. It’s fast, efficient and just easy to use.