Keeping cool is an essential part of life to keep you from dehydrating, getting sweaty and it’s nice just to be able to stay comfortable. In this review, I’m taking a look at a personal air conditioner from the folks over at Close Comfort.

What’s in the Box?

Included in the box of the Cool Focus is the unit itself, a remote, a piece of plastic to more precisely control the direction of the air and some documentation.

The air con is really well packed in the box with solid foam protecting it in shipping.

Design and Features

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Given the size of this thing, I couldn’t really put it on my standard table for photography so I have some images provided by Close Comfort for the review.

Design wise the Cool Focus is actually quite small considering it’s an air conditioner, Before it was sent out for review I was looking at some pictures from another reviewer and I thought it was quite big. I was very wrong. The Cool Focus is actually very compact for an air conditioner. It also isn’t all that heavy which is good considering it’s portability.

On the top, it has two ‘wings’ that control the airflow of the unit, one being the exhaust and the other is where the nice cool air comes out.

Keeping to the portability, the Cool Focus has wheels on the bottom of it to help you move it around with ease. This is a great feature especially for people that might have issues with moving around, this makes it so much easier for them to be able to move it as I have seen some portable air cons with no wheels whatsoever.

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Round the back of the unit is where the super long power cable can be stored nicely in a little tuck away compartment to keep it nice and tidy when not in use.


Setting up the Cool Focus is really easy. Just take it out of the box, plug it in and turn it on. That’s it! You get nice cool air within seconds of opening the box!


Being that it’s a personal air conditioner, It only cools about a 2-3sq around it which is enough if you have it sitting close to you when using it.

One of the best features of the Cool Focus is it’s tiny amount of power consumption. The Close Comfort Cool Focus is one of the most, or if not the most power efficient air conditioner on the market! It uses 75% less than most standard portable air conditioners!

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It’s so efficient that you can take it with you camping and use it on solar power and even small generators! Keeping you cool and comfortable no matter what.

I also really like that when you open the exhaust wing the unit turns straight on and begins cooling you down in seconds.

The Cool Focus has two different modes, Cool and Fan with 3 different speeds, Low, Med and High. When on high it can get quite loud and sounded like a jet engine according to some of my family when I was testing it. But on medium It is resembly quiet and I had no issues sleeping with it next to me.

But all things always have a few downsides to it. And this one has a couple firstly everything has to be controlled through the remote, there’s no physical buttons for it. And the other one being that the hot air is exhausted out the back of the unit meaning that you have to keep this next to a door or window as I did find that it heated the rest of my room up after prolonged use. Other than that, It’s a fantastic piece of equipment.


The Close Comfort Cool Focus can be purchased for AUD $699, it’s a bit pricey but think about all the power you will save with this.


The Close Comfort Cool Focus is an awesome little thing to keep you cool in the hot months, it pumps out nice chilly air and also helps you sleep by keeping you nice and comfortable overnight.

The Close Comfort Cool Focus can be purchased from the Close Comfort Website

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Disclosure: The Close Comfort Cool Focus review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

Close Comfort Cool Focus Review


The Close Comfort Cool Focus is an awesome little thing to keep you cool in the hot months, it pumps out nice chilly air and also helps you sleep by keeping you nice and comfortable overnight.