Today, CORSAIR launched their brand new Dark Core RGB PRO Gaming mouse. I was lucky enough to get one a little while ago to test it out and have my review on launch day. So for the past few weeks I’ve been using the Dark Core RGB PRO as my main mouse and here are my thoughts.

Big thanks to CORSAIR for sending this out for review!

What’s in the Box?

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The packaging for the Dark Core RGB PRO is a pretty standard looking CORSAIR box, it has a picture of the mouse on the front and their signature yellow accents on the box. Inside the box you will find the Dark Core RGB PRO mouse itself, A USB-A to USB-C cable, a wireless receiver, replaceable right side grip and some documentation.

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Design and Features

Design wise, I think CORSAIR has done an excellent job on this mouse. Going over the mouse you will find 5 reprogrammable buttons which can be programmed using their iCUE software. There are two on the left thumb grip, two more next to the left mouse button and one in the centre. These do come already programmed to do things like change profiles, increase/decrease the DPI and to go back and forth in things like a browser. I personally didn’t bother to change these but you may want to.

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Where your palm sits on the mouse has a sort of bumpy texture to it which carries over to the left thumb grip. The texture feels awesome in the hand and helps to add grip to the mouse for those intense gaming sessions.

The mouse isn’t too heavy, weighing in at only 133g or 0.31lbs. I am a fan of heavier mice so this wasn’t an issue for me at all.

The Dark Core RGB PRO is also a really comfortable and ergonomic mouse, I can use it for hours at a time without getting any fatigue in my hand or wrist and for someone like me who sits at their computer for 8 or more hours a day it’s imperative that I have a comfortable setup.


Along the left side of the mouse are 3 little white led lights, these are your DPI level indicators which can be changed via the DPI buttons next to the left mouse button. These help you to know what level you’re at.

Around the right side of the mouse is a little removable cover, this is where you can sit the USB receiver when the mouse is not in use. But it’s also where you can add the right side grip to make the mouse usable for left handed people. I for one am not left handed so using the mouse with or without the extra grip didn’t really add anything extra to the usability of it.

On the underside of the mouse are the slider feet to stop it from gripping to the surface. Also under here is the main switch to switch the mouse between off, Slipstream Wireless and Bluetooth.

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It’s 2020, and of course, the mouse has RGB Lighting. Nine different zones to be exact. There is RGB lighting on basically all areas of the mouse and it’s controlled via the iCUE software. The lighting on the Dark Core RGB PRO look incredible and adds a great touch to your setup.


For connectivity, you can use the mouse three different ways. Slipstream wireless, wired with the included USB-C cable or bluetooth to use it on things like thin and light laptops that don’t have a lot of connectivity available. The Bluetooth is BT 4.2 so you should have no troubles at all when using it over Bluetooth.

I really like the different connectivity methods that CORSAIR went with. It gives the end user a lot of options and also means that you aren’t stuck using it on one machine only.


  • Three ways to connect: sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS technology, low-latency Bluetooth® wireless technology, or USB wired.
  •  Play with pinpoint accuracy and precision thanks to a custom PixArt PAW3392 native 18,000 DPI optical sensor, optimized for wireless mice with extremely low power consumption and customizable in 1 DPI resolution steps.
  •  Hyper-polling technology communicates with your PC at up to 2,000Hz, twice the speed of standard gaming mice, ensuring blazingly fast response times.
  •  Charges with an easy-to-use, reversible USB-C connector, or wirelessly with any Qi-compatible charging device such as the CORSAIR MM1000 mouse pad (Qi charging on SE model only).
  • Comfortable contoured shape with two included interchangeable side grips for a tailored fit.
  • Nine-zone dynamic RGB backlighting, including an integrated light bar with four individually addressable RGB LEDs, offers near endless customization of colors and lighting effects.
  • Get an in-game advantage with eight buttons, fully programmable with custom macros and button remaps.
  • Up to 50 hours of continuous battery-powered wireless gaming or plug in for wired mode to continue gameplay while charging.
  • High-performance Omron switches rated for more than 50 million clicks.
  • Powerful CORSAIR iCUE software lets you assign macros, adjust polling rate, customize RGB lighting effects synchronized across all of your iCUE-compatible devices, and much more.
  • Onboard profile storage to take up to three lighting and macro profiles with you.

Let’s talk about some of those features for a second.

Sub 1ms Latency

The sub 1ms latency is basically revolutionary, wireless gaming technology has come so far in the last couple of years that there is almost no reason to go full wireless for your peripherals. Having a sub 1ms wireless gaming mouse is like a dream come true for all types of gamers, it removes that blockade that was holding so many people back and I really hope that this enlightens some of those people and moves them to a wireless setup. Plus with the SE model and wireless charging you will never need to plug the mouse in ever again! Because I don’t know about other opinions on this but I absolutely hate the feeling of a cable dragging the mouse while I’m trying to play.

Omron Switches

Having a great looking mouse is one thing but having a good user experience is the most important. If the buttons on a mouse feel heavy or mushy, I’m not going to like the mouse. If you haven’t used a mouse with Omron switches under the mouse buttons, I really recommend that you get one as it is truly amazing compared to the latter.

18,000 DPI Sensor

I love high DPI gaming, I hate having a ‘heavy’ feeling mouse, I really prefer having a fast mouse to move around in my games. Plus I have a really big main monitor and having low DPI makes it take a lot longer to move the cursor around the screen so I love that CORSAIR chose to put an 18,000 DPI Sensor in the Dark Core RGB PRO


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As you would be aware of by now, the CORSAIR Dark Core RGB PRO Mouse takes use of CORSAIR’S iCUE Software to customize everything to do with the mouse. The iCUE suite of software is a pretty robust utility. It allows you to do things like customize the buttons, change the RGB lighting, set the DPI levels, and change the setting on the mouse.

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The only problem that I have with the iCUE software is that when I lock my computer and then come back into it the software changes the colour of my mouse or sometimes just outright quits all together and I have to re-launch the software.


The final pricing of the CORSAIR Dark Core RGB PRO Mouse is AUD $169.00 Inc. Tax and USD $89.99 Exc. Tax


I really, really, really liked the CORSAIR Dark Core RGB PRO Gaming Mouse. I think CORSAIR has done an amazing job at developing this mouse. It is incredibly comfortable, offers multiple connectivity options, 1ms latency and RGB all on a wireless gaming mouse!

Available from the CORSAIR Website

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Disclosure: The CORSAIR Dark Core RGB PRO review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money


I really, really, really liked the CORSAIR Dark Core RGB PRO Gaming Mouse. I think CORSAIR has done an amazing job at developing this mouse. It is incredibly comfortable, offers multiple connectivity options, 1ms latency and RGB all on a wireless gaming mouse!