Note: This information is only based off the press release and Crucial’s website. Full review with full benchmarks and specs coming soon.

Today Crucial launched its new Ballisitx Elite Memory (3600 MT/s), With some of the fastest speeds and bandwidths available, exclusive Ballistix M.O.D. utility allows for real time temperature monitoring, Intel® XMP profiles, with limited lifetime warranty.


A slow computer is a problem we can all relate to. You’re working on an urgent document or deep in gaming warfare, only for your computer to freeze and progress be halted. This phenomenon is often blamed on ‘the computer’ in general but, in many cases, it is simply a result of insufficient memory.

When Crucial recently surveyed 2,000 PC users, the company learned that it takes users just 60 seconds on average before they lose their temper over a slow or frozen computer – something experienced by around half of all computer users on a daily to weekly basis.

Jim Jardine, Director of DRAM Product Marketing at Crucial explained, “Memory is one of the most critical components in your computer, allowing your system to perform many of its everyday tasks, such as browse the Web, edit an Excel spreadsheet, or experience the realism of the latest game. And yet, the problem of insufficient memory can be overlooked – or worse, not identified in the first place.”

Enjoyable gaming can suffer terribly from lack of memory, especially if there’s slow command execution while gaming. Jardine says, “Do you frequently find yourself waiting for your commands to be executed during game play? Many games require at least 4GB of RAM to run, but it’s recommended to install at least 8GB to run them well. There’s nothing worse than losing a kill streak on COD because your computer is struggling to keep up – install 8GB of RAM to start with and scale up to 16GB if necessary.”

Jim Jardine concluded, “The next time you’re working on a spreadsheet, streaming video or gaming, keep an eye open for the above signs and, if you spot them, take action to install the memory that best fits your needs. A system scan quickly reveals compatible memory for any computer, helping even the most casual of users to make slow load speeds and freezing a distant memory.”

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Take a look at Crucial’s System Scan here.