Today we will be reviewing the new D-Fend router by D-Link.

Thanks to D-Link for sending this out for review.

When you receive your new D-Fend router it comes well packaged in foam and cardboard. It includes the router itself, the power cord, Ethernet cord, documentation, the quick start guide and a manual.

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D-Fend Design

The D-Fend takes a different approach to the conventional router shape. Instead of the usual rectangular box, D-Link has decided on a cube instead.

There isn’t much to say about apart from it’s white, it has the main button on the top, on the back is 4 Ethernet ports, 1 for WAN and 3 for LAN, the main power input, WPS button and a USB 3.0 port .

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A really cool feature the new D-Fend offers is McAfee secure home protection that protects every device on the network. You get a complimentary subscription that is worth up to $600 and lasts for 5 years.

You also get a copy of McAfee LiveSafe™ Internet Security software for computers, tablets and smartphones which lasts for 2 years and is worth $299.99

There are two different processors on board the router, one for all your wireless traffic which is powered by the Intel® Home Wi-Fi Chipset WAV500. The other is for the main computing, software and security functions which is powered by the Intel® AnyWAN SoC™.

It even has the functionality to work with your Amazon Alex or Google Assistant to control your D-Fend.

Setting up the D-Link D-Fend

Setting up your D-Fend router is simple. First, Download the D-Link WiFi app then plug your router into your modem with the included Ethernet cable. Make sure to plug it into the ‘INTERNET’ jack on the router. Plug in the router and click the orange glowing top button. Once all that is done, launch the app and tap ‘Install New Device’. Next scan the included QR code into the app.

The app will than guide you through the steps to setup the SSID and password and all the other setup settings.

Setup McAfee Protection

To setup McAfee protection you will need a D-Link account. The included manual can guide you through the process of making this.

McAfee protection where all the features come alive.

The Steps to set up McAfee Protection are as follows:

  • Step 1, Download the D-Fend app from the Playstore or App Store by going to settings in the D-Link WiFi app and tap the D-Fend Icon
  • Step 2, Once the D-Fend app is downloaded you will be taken back to the D-Link WiFi app. Click ‘Launch McAfee’ to start.
  • Step 3, Once the app launches. Go through the introduction than wait for the router to connect to the McAfee Secure Home Platform.

McAfee Protection Features

Firstly is parental controls, you can make profiles in the D-Fend app by selecting ‘Parental Controls’. Enter the name of the child and the age and it will automatically assign preset controls based on the age.

The McAfee parental controls have many features including web time, to control the internet time for a specific profile. In addition to Web Site Blocking, Access restrictions will be based on the child’s age or you can manually allow and block websites.

Device control, by assigning your child’s devices to their profile allows you to control access across all their devices with the one profile. Which is great especially for families with lots of devices.

D-Link D-Fend Network Monitoring

The vulnerability scan can alert you to security issues on your network and gives you advice on how to fix them.

The advanced network controls let you secure and protect all connected devices from outside network access with McAfee LiveSafe.

IoT and Botnet Detection

The router allows you to detect abnormal behavior from your Iot Devices in addition to blocking suspicious connections.


In conclusion, i think the D-Fend router would be a great addition to your home network to keep the whole family safe. It is without a doubt a neccesity for a family in 2019.

Again thanks to D-Link for sending this out for review.

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