Robots and smart homes are really cool, I really like the idea of having an automated lifestyle. I’ll admit, it’s kind of because I can be a little lazy but I’m also a big nerd and find this sort of stuff so interesting! In this review I’m going to be talking about a little Robo Vacuum called the ECOVACS DEEBOT (N79T). I nicknamed him Derrick, it seemed to fit really well!

Big thanks to ECOVACS for sending this out for review!

What’s in the Box?

My photo area is still under a bit of maintenance so big boxes just don’t fit so I’m having to rely on ECOVACS’ provided photos.

In the box you get the vacuum itself, a remote control, the charging dock, the charging cable, a cleaning brush and some documentation. The packaging is pretty plain but is plenty strong enough to protect it during shipping.

Design and Features

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The DEEBOT N79T is a pretty sleek looking piece of tech. It has an all white plastic exterior with black stripes around the front which I presume hold the direction sensors like the edge sensor etc. It’s a very minimalist design which I am a fan of. Going around the vacuum on the top is where you will find the main trigger button for setting the DEEBOT to auto mode. I really like the implementation of this as it means you don’t have to worry about going into an app to get the DEEBOT started. Below this is the WiFi LED to let you know if you are connected to the internet which is required to use things like Alexa or Google Assistant. Going down from this all you will find is a DEEBOT logo and ECOVACS logo. 

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Around the side of the DEEBOT is where the main power switch for the vacuum is located as well as a charging port if you don’t want the DEEBOT to charge itself on the dock. I really like the fact that ECOVACS put a physical switch on this to be able to power it off. 

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The Business End

Now onto the bottom of the DEEBOT. This is where the main charging pads are located and this is what allows the deebot to automatically charge itself on it’s dock. Under here is also where you will find the three brushes of the DEEBOT, the two outer ones sweep up the dirt from the sides and front then kick it up underneath the DEEBOT for the main brush to pick up. I really like how easy it is to take these brushes off and clean them or if you ever get something like a piece of string wrapped around the brush.

And finally, you have the collection tank which is located around the back/bottom of the DEEBOT. It’s super easy to take this out and empty it just with the push of one button. The filters are really easy to also take out and clean.


N79T PC 5.2

Max Mode

This is ECOVACS’ version of a turbo mode and it certainly is turbo. Turn the DEEBOT N79T on to max mode and it sounds like you have a little jet running around your house cleaning up after you. It works really well but is super loud so I personally kept it on standard unless it was something really stubborn.

3-Stage Cleaning System

The 3-Stage Cleaning System on the DEEBOT works really well. It does this by using the two outer brushes to basically kick dirt and dust up underneath the vacuum and into the main suction brush. This helps to ensure that more dust and dirt is picked up and does it more efficiently than going back and forth.

Specialised Cleaning Modes

This one is quite a handy feature in my opinion. You have three options, Auto, Edge and Spot and each one has their unique use case. Auto is pretty self explanatory, the DEEBOT will automatically go around and clean than dock itself once done or if it needs charging throughout the cleaning process. Edge is when the DEEBOT will go hard up against the wall and furniture to get all the dirt and dust out of the corners and edges of a room. This is something that a lot of regular vacuums struggle with, getting right in the corner. And finally there’s spot which is just as it sounds, you direct the DEEBOT to a spot and turn it on to spot mode to just clean that one little area.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home Connected

In my house I run Amazon Alexa and it’s super handy to be able to just say “Alexa, tell DEEBOT to start cleaning” or “Alexa, tell DEEBOT to recharge” And it does just that. Enabling the skill on Alexa is really easy and just requires you to go into the Alexa app, enable the skill and login to your ECOVACS account. I had no trouble at all getting Alexa to communicate with the DEEBOT and it worked every time.

Stair Detection

I don’t actually have any stairs in my house, just a single story home. So I couldn’t really test this feature so I can’t guarantee how well it does or doesn’t work.

Obstacle Detection

N79T PC 1

The DEEBOT N79T comes with obstacle detection built into the vacuum which is meant to help stop the DEEBOT from running into your furniture and scuffing it up but to be completely honest it doesn’t work. The vacuum just kept on running into the TV unit, the lounge, chairs, tables you name it. To be fair it did work sometimes and the DEEBOT would move out of the way but more often than not it ran around like it was drunk.

Time Scheduling

This is probably one of the handiest features of the DEEBOT, having the ability to schedule the DEEBOT to clean while I’m sleeping is really good. It’s quite nice to wake up to a freshly vacuumed floor. I had no issues whatsoever with setting this up via the app.

It’s really simple, all you have to do is go into the DEEBOT’s settings and tap scheduling and away you go! However, For the first couple of days of having the review unit I didn’t have a schedule and the DEEBOT used to just decide that it was time to clean at really odd hours of the day. I’m talking like 1am. I would hear it’s beep and hear it start moving around the house. My sister who I live with used to come in and be like ‘Derrick is going rogue again!’ Personally I thought it was quite funny but is definitely a weird bug.


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App Setup and usage

Setting up the ECOVACS app is really easy. You can download it from either the Google Play Store or the App Store on IOS. Once you download the app you have to make an account so that your vacuums are linked to you. Adding the DEEBOT in is really easy, tap on add, go down to DEEBOT and find the N79 Series one. Make sure your DEEBOT is in the correct mode to be set up and add your network details. Once paired you’re good to go and ready to control the DEEBOT via the app.

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Once you’re in the app, controlling the DEEBOT is super easy. You have the option to set it to each cleaning mode or control it by yourself via the arrows. Overall the app is quite intuitive and it shows that ECOVACS has put quite a bit of care and time into developing their app.

Part Life

I felt that this needed it’s own little subheading. From the app you can see things like filter usage and the amount of time until you need to replace it. This is super handy to have and it means that once the filter has run out of life you will actually know.

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Overallt the DEEBOT N79T is a solid little vacuum, It cleans really well although it does go round and round and takes it’s time to get across a room. Once it finally gets there it does do a really good job. Another point is that it’s really loud so I would recommend you to set it to go early in the morning rather than during the day. The collection tank is a decent volume and depending on how dirty your floor is will need emptying from one session to a week or month.


The RRP of the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T is $299 but it is currently on sale on Amazon Australia for $229.


The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T is a really great option for those who want a robot cleaner but don’t need all the fancy features like auto floor detection and auto emptying etc. The DEEBOT N79T will clean just fine and will do for most households. You get auto cleaning, Alexa or Google Home connectivity and a good vacuum cleaner for only $300. Really good value!

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Disclosure: The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

  • Design
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  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money


The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T is a really great option for those who want a robot cleaner but don’t need all the fancy features like auto floor detection and auto emptying etc. The DEEBOT N79T will clean just fine and will do for most households. You get auto cleaning, Alexa or Google Home connectivity and a good vacuum cleaner for only $300. Really good value!