These days-Getting your home secured is as easy as clicking a few buttons and have a full DIY security system shipped straight to your doorstep. Gone of the days where you were expected to pay thousands of dollars for a professional to come out and install a system. Some folk even go as far as putting in a whole surveillance system into their house to keep an eye on their pets and loved ones anywhere in the world, But some people don’t like the idea of their every waking minute being on tape.

And that’s where Linksys comes into the game with their Linksys Aware System. They have come out with a system that uses their Velop Mesh System as motion detecting hubs.

So in today’s review I’ll be going over my experience with the Linksys Aware System.

Big thanks to Linksys for sending a Velop Mesh System over for this review.

How’s It Work?

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The way Linksys Aware Works is by bouncing the WiFi signals between all the ‘Nodes’, When something interrupts that signal going to said ‘Node’ it triggers a motion event and sends it to the app.

The App

Like everything these days, Linksys Aware is controlled and monitored by an app, Available on both Apple and Android Devices. The app is quite well made and intuitive and setup only takes a few moments. Once setup and activated the app allows users to see all the motion events triggered. You can view all the motions events from the past hour, day and week. The App also allows you to change things like the sensitivity of the motion detection or the frequency of which you get the notifications or turning it off completely.


Depending on the size of the area that you have Linksys Aware deployed in, It may not be a suitable option to keep an eye on your home as large areas can cause blind spots making it tough for Aware to pick up motion and create a Motion Event. So in cases where you need to secure large areas like living areas, Smart cameras will probably be a better option.

But for my circumstances, It worked flawlessly. My house certainly isn’t massive but is decently sized and Linksys Aware picked up all motion that was happening throughout the day.

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Currently, Linksys Aware is only available on their Velop TriBand AC Mesh System which for the three pack, costs around $650 AUD; Plus the $5 AUD A month subscription fee, An annual fee of $40 AUD is also available.


If you want to have a lightweight security system without the hassles of a big install, The Linksys Aware is great for that. If you have a bigger area that needs security, maybe think about investing in a surveillance system that will help cover the bigger areas.

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