Logitech G, The gaming brand of Logitech has slowly been bringing more ‘Lightspeed’ products to market over traditional wired peripherals. If you don’t know, ‘Lightspeed’ is Logitech’s own wireless technology which I will delve into more a bit later in the review.

In saying that, Today I am reviewing the Logitech G604 Lightspeed, A mouse I have been really eager to get my hands on.

Big thanks to Logitech ANZ for sending this over for review!

What’s in the Box?

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When you receive your new G604, you will find in the box the G604 itself, a USB extension cable, a USB receiver, one AA Battery, a Logitech ‘G’ sticker and some documentation.

Design and Features

The shape of the Logitech G604 is like if the G703 and the G502 were morphed into one Moba mouse. The G604 is completely blacked out with a glossy black Logitech G Logo on the top. There is a grippy texture across the whole entire mouse to keep a firm grip in those intense gaming sessions.

Beside the left mouse button is the DPI buttons to turn the DPI either up or down, these can be reprogrammed in G-Hub. In the middle is the scroll wheel with a centre, left and right button as well as the button to change the scroll wheel from ‘Hyper Scroll’ to a clicky scroll and behind that one is the button to change the mouse between Lightspeed Wireless or Bluetooth, Yes this mouse is compatible with bluetooth devices!

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On the left side of the mouse is what makes this mouse special, the 6 programmable buttons. These buttons can be programmed in the G-Hub software to become basically any macro you could ever need. This is useful for games like Fortnite where having macro buttons to build, edit and switch weapons on the fly.

Finally, on the bottom of the mouse is the ON/OFF switch, the sensor and the sliders.

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You might be thinking, where is the battery located? The battery is actually located behind a door in the rear of the mouse! This is also where you can store the receiver when the mouse is not in use.

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  • 15 Buttons
  • Fully Programmable
  • HERO 16K Sensor
  • Bluetooth Compatible

One click lets you toggle between ultrafast 1ms LIGHTSPEED wireless and Bluetooth—even across two separate machines.

  • A durable metal scroll wheel switches between hyper-fast and ratcheted scrolling. Fly through menus, ratchet through weapon and spell selections, or apply keybinds to up and down inputs.
  • Play longer—better—with the high-performance HERO 16K sensor. A combination of class-leading accuracy and power efficiency makes it all possible. Use Bluetooth mode to game for up to 5.5 months*.
  • Logitech G Shift

Logitech G Shift allows you to, at the touch of a button, switch what all the buttons do

HERO 16K Sensor

As many of Logitech G’s mice use, The G604 uses Logitech’s HERO sensor. It is an amazing sensor and paired with the ‘Lightspeed’ technology; It has allowed so many cool and impressive wireless mice to be released.

Features of the HERO 16K Sensor

  • Max Tracking speed of 400+ IPS
  • 0 Smoothing/Acceleration/Filtering
  • 1:1 Tracking
  • 16,000 MAX DPI

Battery Life

Logitech claims that the G604 has a battery life of 240 Hours on one AA. They say this is achieved by the efficiency of the HERO sensor and their ‘Lightspeed’ technology. You might be thinking “240 hours is only 10 days” unless you’re actually on your computer 24 hours a day 240 hours of mouse on time is quite a while.

By seeing what Logitech has been able to achieve with previous ‘Lightspeed’ and HERO mice this does seem believable. 

It would be nice though to see an inbuilt battery with either their ‘Powerplay’ charging or a separate charging cable, maybe in a future REV 2 model we could see this.


Unfortunately for you left handed folk, this is a right handed only mouse and would be quite difficult to handle with the latter. Though it is quite a comfortable mouse and has good ergonomics by tilting it over to the right to make the grip a bit more comfortable. Overall it is quite a comfortable mouse and doesn’t cause pain over long periods of time.


Specs 884x1024


The Logitech G604 can be found online for around $150-$250 AUD. Currently Amazon Australia has it for $235 AUD.


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The Logitech G604 works with Logitech’s new suite of software, G-Hub. This software allows you to change the functions of the buttons and change the DPI levels. This mouse has no RGB whatsoever so there is no control for this but this can be done in G-Hub for mice that do support it.


The Logitech G604 is a good gaming mouse, If you want a fast, wireless gaming mouse with a bunch of programmable buttons for your gaming sessions-The G604 is most assuredly an option.

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Logitech G604 Lightspeed
  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money


The Logitech G604 is a good gaming mouse, If you want a fast, wireless gaming mouse with a bunch of programmable buttons for your gaming sessions-The G604 is most assuredly an option.