Logitech MX Master 2S

Today we will be reviewing the Logitech MX Master 2S.

Big thanks to Logitech for sending this out for review.

Upon receiving your awesome new MX Master it is well packed in plastic and cardboard box which includes the following, The MX Master 2S, USB Receiver, USB A to Micro USB cable and some documentation.


The MX Master 2S follows the same sort of design as the previous MX Master. With the cool geometric patter on the left thumb area which also houses the horizontal scroll wheel and the forward/backward buttons. Also on the left is the battery indicator lights as this mouse doesn’t use standalone batteries.

On the top are the left and right click, the Hyper scroll wheel, which when the mouse is on, allows you to scroll through pages super quickly by either scrolling really fast to automatically enable it or by clicking the button just below the scroll wheel to change between the two modes.

The whole thing is made up of a soft plastic and has a secondary colour around the edges, depending on the model and colour, mine has a nice silvery colour to it.

Features of the MX Master 2S

The MX Master 2S uses Logitech’s Flow system which allows you to use this mouse on up to three computers. It even allows you to copy/paste text, and drag and drop a range of files including photos, videos, folders and more.

The MX Master 2S uses a 4000 DPI sensor. This allows it to track on almost any surface including wood, metal, glass, ceramic and more.

The mouse also has super fast charging. Just plug in the mouse and it will be fully charged in three minutes and will last up to 70 days on one charge!


The MX Master 2S is a great step up from the original MX Master. The upgraded scroll wheel and 3 device capability is a great addition.

P.S. This mouse would go really well with the Logitech K780.

Buy an MX Master 2S at Logitech’s Website

MX Master 2S
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