Recently, the fine folks over at MSI sent over their MPG Sekira 500P case for me to review. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and have been able to give it a few tests. If you’re not sure who MSI is, You must live under a rock when it comes to the PC market as MSI makes some of the most renowned GPUs, Motherboards and laptops out there.

Big thanks to MSI for sending this over for review!

What’s in the Box?

Well I’m currently undergoing some changes in my photography area so for this review I’m going to have to rely on MSI’s images.

When you first open the case box you will find the case nicely wrapped in a dust bag which one helps you lift the case out of the box but this will help keep dust off the case if you every have it stored away.

Included in the box is the case itself, a box of case accessories, (more details further in the review), and you get some documentation.

In terms of packaging, it’s pretty standard, you get the case with a piece of styrofoam on both the top and bottom in the plain brown cardboard box which also acts as the shipping box. Though some retailers may put an outer box over this.


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I just want to get a few things out of the way first. This is a massive case. It’s also super heavy as it’s made completely out of steel and tempered glass. Those two materials really don’t make anything light. Not that this is a problem, it actually adds to the overall craftsmanship of the case in my opinion. The whole case really is quite stunning. I’m a big fan of the minimalist look that MSI has gone with.With that being said, I will now go into more detail about the exterior of the case!


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On the top of the case is where all the included I/O is for the case. Up here you will find the main power button. A second button that says LED on it, this is for an RGB controller that takes a button input but it can also be used as a reset button. You also have an LED indicator light, 3.5mm headphone and microphone jack. Some may prefer to have a combo jack here but personally I do like the separate jacks. You also have two USB 2.0 ports. Two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and finally a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C port. I really, really hate the new USB naming schemes. But hey, at least they’re fast!


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The design of the MSI MGP Sekira 500P is very minimalistic, it’s completely black inside and out with a few silver accents here and there to help differentiate the areas of the case and define the corners. Moving around the exterior of the case you will find a single MSI dragon logo on the aluminium front. This front is removed by pulling it from the bottom revealing the three included 120mm fans. The front panel does have a dust filter on both sides allowing a decent amount of airflow to the three fans. You can really only mount a 240mm radiator here as mounting one on the outside would really impede on the airflow.

Rear Side Panel

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Moving around to the rear side panel you will find that it is actually made completely from tempered glass. It’s also a toolless glass panel so that you don’t need any screws to hold the glass on, it’s just a glass door that is held shut with magnets. But with it being glass, cable management here is really important. Further on in the review I’ll go into more detail about the interior and what you will find behind the motherboard tray.


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The rear, rearend, backside, butt. Whatever you want to call it. 

This is where all your system I/O will be located. You have the standard I/O shield cutout as well as 8 expansion slots for all the cards you could ever need. A great part of this case is the included support for a vertical GPU. Having this really adds to the look of the case and I also think it makes the case seem more filled up than with a standard mounted GPU. As is the ‘case’ (pun intended) with the rest of the case all of this is made from powder coated steel and feels like it should be part of a tank!

Main Side Panel

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This is the main side panel to give you access to the interior of the case. It too uses the tooless design like the rear side panel. Both glass side panels are quite darkly tinted which helps add some moodiness to your overall system by dimming down the lights but still giving you a great look into your system.


As mentioned before, here is what you will find included in the accessories box for the MSI MPG Sekira 500P. Included in the box is the vertical GPU bracket, A spare cover for if you remove one of the drive cages. You also get a bag containing all the screws and standoffs for the case as well as some cable ties to help with cable managing your build.


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Moving onto the interior of the case is where you will find the massive build area. The MSI MPG Sekira 500P can fit up to an E-ATX Motherboard and a GPU length of 400mm! The absolutely huge interior is brought down by the odd front fan layout as it’s not actually possible to mount a 360mm radiator on the inside as the PSU shroud/HDD Cages take up this room. You could technically mount the radiator outside between the case and front panel. But one, it wouldn’t get much airflow and two I don’t really know how you would get your tubing back into the case if you went with this method. The build quality of the interior is just as exceptional as the exterior with the same black powder coated steel to give it a really robust look and feel. 

Storage Capability

Now this is where the MPG Sekira 500P shines. You can fit up to 6 3.5” hard drives in this baby for up to nearly 100tb with the hard drives available today. This is great for content creators or people with a lot of games. Another place to mount storage is on the PSU shroud, with 1 2.5” drive mount. But wait, there’s more! Behind the motherboard tray is another two 2.5” drive mounts for a total of three 2.5” drive mounts. But do keep in mind that you can mount a 2.5” drive in a 3.5” cage. Speaking of the drive cages, some people prefer to remove them altogether and it’s really easy to do so in this case. All you have to do is remove two screws from the cage and it slides right out!

Cable Management

Cable management is going to play a really important role in this case. Because both the side panels are made of tempered glass, giving a big window to see your cable management skills. Luckily for you, MSI has made it pretty easy to do cable management in the MPG Sekira 500P with preinstalled velcro straps behind the motherboard tray and there are a plethora of tie down points to tie down cables with cable ties.  

In the main chamber there are also plenty of rubber grommets to pass through all your cables. They’re on the top, sides and bottom of the motherboard area to give you the cleanest cable runs possible.

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Dust Filtration and Noise Reduction

Well you made, down to the last category for this part of the review!

Dust filtration. It’s a really important aspect of a PC and should be one of the main things you look for when buying a case. In the MSI MPG Sekira 500P every feasible intake is covered with a dust filter to make sure you don’t get too much dust in your system.

The PSU is covered with a dust filter on the bottom but there is also another one adjacent to it. Which weirdly pulls from the front. I think it would have been easier to have it as one big dust filter but nevertheless. At least there is one.

In terms of noise reduction. There really isn’t anything to talk about here as there hasn’t been any noise isolation material placed in the case. 


Moving onto the overall features of the case. 

Tool-Less Tempered Glass

Premium-quality 4mm thick tempered glass design

guarantees window durability and viewing capability

Optimized Air Flow

Up to 7 system fans can be installed. Provide the whole

system with ventilation for better stability

Vertical Graphics Support

Additional vertical slots and construction kit for user to show

off your gaming graphics card in the vertical position.

Optimized for Water Cooling

Fully compatible with 360mm, 280mm, and 120mm radiators


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None, No software needed for this case!


This is where the MSI MPG Sekira 500P has a bit of a downfall. In it’s stock configuration it doesn’t really have good cooling abilities. The intake is being restricted by the little amount of room in the front and there is only a single 120mm exhaust making it a little hard to get some good airflow. I did find that if I removed the top panel of the case I got better temps so if you placed some exhaust fans here you should get some better results. That being said, here are the temps I got with the stock fans.

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I know the cases I compared to aren’t the same size. But they’re the only ones I had on hand at the time of writing.


The MSI MPG Sekira 500P comes in at around AUD $260 online from places like PC Case Gear. Though it is currently on sale there for only $219.


It’s time to wrap up this review. The MSI MPG Sekira 500P is a big, heavy, stunning and well made case. It offers heavy duty powder coated steel all round with thick 4mm tempered glass on both sides. It does have some downfalls with cooling and the weird way the front fans work but with some clever fan reconfiguration you could get some decent cooling out of this case. I’m personally a big fan of the included vertical GPU mount as I’ve seen some people try and DIY this and it didn’t turn out good.

Buy one from PC Case Gear (Australia Only)

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Disclosure: The MSI MPG Sekira 500P review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

MSI MPG Sekira 500P Review
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It’s time to wrap up this review. The MSI MPG Sekira 500P is a big, heavy and well made case. It offers heavy duty powder coated steel all round with thick 4mm tempered glass on both sides. It does have some downfalls with cooling and the weird way the front fans work but with some clever fan reconfiguration you could get some decent cooling out of this case. I’m personally a big fan of the included vertical GPU mount as I’ve seen some people try and DIY this and it didn’t turn out good.