Wireless speakers. They’re something that if done right; sound absolutely amazing. But unfortunately that’s not the case most of the time with a lot of wireless speakers lacking pretty standard features. Well Naim have changed that up with their wall rattling Mu-So 2nd Gen which I had the privilege to get my hands on and review!

I would just like to note that I am currently moving my photo area around and wasn’t able to take my regular photos of this so I will have to stick with the studio photos.

Big thanks to Busisoft AV for sending this out for review!

What’s in the Box?

What’s included in the box with the Mu-So? Well you get the soundbar itself, you get a power cable, remote control and some documentation. The speaker comes nicely packaged in styrofoam so it doesn’t get damaged in shipping and is actually wrapped in a soft material in the box to prevent scratching the aluminium body!

Design and Features

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Firstly, this thing is not light! I remember when Auspost dropped it off I way underestimated how heavy it was when picking it up! It weighs a whopping 15KG, that would mainly because of the all aluminium body. 

The first thing you may notice is the big black circle towards the left centre. This is the main control screen for the speaker. You can do things like turn the volume up by turning the outer wheel or enable bluetooth by using the touchscreen. I am a big advocate for having physical controls on devices, so this is great to see! Moving around the speaker, on the back is the giant aluminium fin stack. 

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This is to keep the Mu-So cool during operation. One thing to note is that these are actually quite sharp, so keep that in mind if you get one. 984633b16b9d112548c113fbe505435c 1

Over on the right side is the USB port, led indicator and reset button.

The bottom of the Mu-So is made out of clear acrylic with a light up Naim logo on the front. The acrylic base gives the Mu-So a sort of floating look when placed on a TV stand. Also found on the base is the main connectivity for the Mu-So. Nicely hidden away in one of the carry handles you can find an RJ45 port to connect the Mu-So straight to your network, a 3.5mm audio jack, an optical audio jack, HDMI port and the main AC power port.

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The front grill on the Mu-So has this nice curve look to it which adds to the overall sleek look that the Mu-So gives off. The front grill also comes in a range of colours, Blue, Green, Red and black making the Mu-So fit into any home decor. 

Overall, design wise the Mu-So is super sleek and premium looking with it’s full aluminium body and curvy grill. The acrylic bottom is a great touch with the slight glint from the glowing Naim logo.


Control Dial

Firstly I’m going to go over the features of the main control dial as it can do quite a few things.

  • Create a multiroom group with other Naim products
  • Pair to a  Bluetooth device
  • Cycle through external Inputs (HDMI, Digital, Analogue)
  • Set to play from USB device
  • Tap to resume spotify play queue 
  • Directly access favourites
  • Built in Chromecast, Airplay and Spotify indicator to see what’s playing

Overall Features

The Mu-so 2nd Generation’s 450 Watts of music power are joined by improved and highly optimised speaker drivers – a joint development project between Naim and Focal R&D departments.

Chromecast Built In!

Play hundreds of supported apps including Deezer, Qobuz, Plex, TuneIn, SoundCloud and Pandora from your smartphone or tablet.

Apple AirPlay

Stream music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. Seamless playback with Apple Music and control your audio and smart home devices using Siri.

Spotify Connect Enabled

Easily stream millions of songs from your smartphone or tablet straight to the Mu-So

Bluetooth Connectivity

Simply connect your Bluetooth devices to instantly play your music.

Internet Radio

Access thousands of internet radio stations and save your favourite presets for easy access.

UPnP Enabled

Stream music from a PC, Mac or network-attached storage in high-resolution quality.


The Mu-so 2nd Generation features an HDMI-ARC input so you can easily connect your TV to experience audiophile sound quality from your favourite films, box sets and games.

Multiroom Audio

Mu-so 2nd Generation works brilliantly on its own or as part of a multi room music set-up. There are three easy ways to make it multiroom:

1. Combine it with other networked Naim products (including 1st Generation Mu-so and Mu-so Qb) via the updated Naim app

2. Pair it with other AirPlay 2-compatible wireless speakers via the Apple Home app

3. Pair it with other Chromecast devices via groups controlled by the Google Home app.

Digital and Analog Inputs

Boost audio from digital sources with optical connections such as TVs, set-top boxes or games consoles. There’s also a built-in stereo jack (3.5mm) socket that can connect your Mu-so 2nd Generation to other devices.

Included Remote Control

The Mu-so 2nd Generation comes with a stylish, easy to use remote control allowing quick control of common functions including volume, play/pause and track skip.

App for IOS and Android

The updated Naim app allows you to easily browse by artist, genre, album and more, complete with artwork and extended music information. You can also control volume, light settings, room modes and create playlists.


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Setting up the Mu-So is super easy. Get it out of the box, plug it in and really that’s all you need to do to start listening. From there you can set up the app, Chromecast or Airplay or just connect your phone via bluetooth. You have the freedom to choose however you want to play your music!


The Naim Mu-So can be paired with the Naim app to give you the ability to change setting straight from your phone. Here you can do things like adjust the volume, control the room modes and browse music to play on the Mu-So. I personally connected mine to Spotify as that’s where I have all my music. 

Another cool feature is the built in Chromecast feature. This is super easy to set up as if you have an android device it recognizes that there is a Chromecast device nearby and prompts you to set it up. Personally, this is my preferred method as being able to quickly play music from your phone is great!


To say I’m impressed with the performance of the Naim Mu-So would be an understatement. This speaker is by far the BEST speaker I have ever heard! It sounds so amazing. It has wall thumping, floor shaking, booming bass and amazingly handles the highs and lows in the music. The music comes out so clear even at incredible high volumes. Speaking of volume, the Mu-So can also go insanely loud. Like super loud, I could hear it clearly from my neighbours house over the road! It’s an absolutely incredible speaker. The best I have ever had the privilege of hearing.


Just going to put this out there. It’s not cheap. The Naim Mu-So comes in at around AUD $2600 online. Remember, this is an insanely good speaker with a tonne of features. So i don’t really think that this is a bad asking price for the speaker.


How to wrap a review of such a great product? Well to put it short, I loved every moment I had with the speaker. It was loaned to me for a good month and boy did I enjoy getting to use it. The sound that the Mu-So produces isn’t like anything else I have heard. If you plan on getting one, prepare to be the annoying loud neighbour as I guarantee if you have one, it’s not going to be on low volume!

To buy one, Contact BusiSoft AV on 1300 888 602 (Australia Only)

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Disclosure: The Naim Mu-So review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

Naim Mu-So 2 Review
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  • Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money


How to wrap a review of such a great product? Well to put it short, I loved every moment I had with the speaker. It was loaned to me for a good month and boy did I enjoy getting to use it. The sound that the Mu-So produces isn’t like anything else I have heard. If you plan on getting one, prepare to be the annoying loud neighbour as I guarantee if you have one, it’s not going to be on low volume!