Hey Everyone! In today’s review, I’m taking a look at one of the new Noctua Chromax.Black coolers, The Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black.

Let’s take a look….

Big thanks to Noctua for sending this over for review, You guys are awesome!!

What’s In The Box?

Included in the box of the NH-D15 is the NH-D15 itself, An extra fan, Backplate, NT-H1 Thermal Paste, User Manual, AMD/Intel SecuFirm mounting kit, some voltage regulation cables and some documentation.

Design and Features

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Well the first thing that would stand out to all of you is the new black design, and of course how monstrously big this thing is. It looks fantastic. Literally everything down to the screws have been turned black. I have been waiting for years for Noctua to release Chromax coolers and I must say, I’m impressed with this!

The design itself is the exact same as the og NH-D15 with it’s dual 140mm finstacks. It has 6 heatpipes on each finstack giving it ample cooling potential. 

The box has had a complete redesign too, The box is now completely black with white writing instead of the old white and brown boxes.

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Award Winning Design

The Chromax.Black version of the NH-D15 cooler follows to exact design as the OG NH-D15 that the PC community has grown to love for it’s amazing performance. Now Noctua can reach and even broader market with this new stylish design.

Dual Tower Design

By using a dual finstack design, the NH-D15 is able to dissipate an incredible amount of heat from your CPU, even while overclocked!

100% RAM compatibility on LGA115x and AM4

Because of the way the fans are mounted on the NH-D15, It should not interfere with your system memory as the fan height is adjustable with the two metal wire brackets.

SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting system

Noctua’s New SecuFirm mounting system gives you a great range of supported CPU sockets, meaning you can install the NH-D15 on basically any CPU from this decade and before. The SecuFirm system also makes it super easy to install and gives just the right amount of pressure and thermal paste spread.

Soldered interface between heatpipes and fins

With many heatsinks, the fins are press-fitted to the heatpipes. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of copper and aluminium, this fit can loosen over years of thermal cycling, which may lead to reduced performance. By contrast, the NH-D15’s fins are soldered to the heatpipes in order to guarantee a superior thermal interface that doesn’t deteriorate even after many years of usage.-Noctua

PWM support and Low-Noise Adaptors

The two NF-A14 fans come included with low noise adapters as well as being supported by PWM, By using a combination of both, you can get nearly silent cooling with the NH-D15 and it only gets a little loud on full load.


Installing the NH-D15 is really easy thanks to the SecuFirm2 Mounting system. All you have to do is mount the backplate, screw in the supporting bars and screw down the cooler. It’s as easy as that. But PLEASE do not forget to remove the piece of plastic underneath the cooler, I have seen far too many people forget to remove these and wonder why their CPU overheats-Also thermal paste is very essential, don’t forget that.


The two fans included with the Noctua NH-D15 are two of Noctua’s famous NF-A14 PWM Fans.

  • They have a max RPM of 1500 RPM and 1200 RPM with the Low Noise Adapters included in the box.
  • They have a minimum RPM of 300 so nearly silent.
  • The NF-A14 fans have a max airflow of 140.2 Cubic Metres/Hour and 115.5 Cubic Meters/Hour with the Low Noise Adapters.
  • They have an acoustic level of 24.6 and 19.2 with the low noise adapters

Noise Levels

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Low Noise Adapters

The NH-D15 comes packed with two of Noctua’s L.N.A’s or Low Noise Adapters for if you’re motherboard either doesn’t have PWM or you want your fans to stay at a selected RPM without the need of a controller.


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The Noctua NH-D15 can be found online for between $150-$200 AUD, It is available from Amazon.com.au for $161 AUD at the time of writing.


Of course, Another impressive cooler from Noctua. The performance of the Noctua NH-D15 is great, As good as the older NH-D15. But the best part about these new ones is the colour, I can’t get over how great they look!

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  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money


Of course, Another impressive cooler from Noctua. The performance of the Noctua NH-D15 is great, As good as the older NH-D15. But the best part about these new ones is the colour, I can’t get over how great they look!