OPPO have been really stepping up their game these past couple of years. They’ve been releasing some super great phones with an awesome price tag. I was lucky enough to review their A5 2020 which was a great value phone and now I have it’s older cousin in for review. The OPPO A91 which is a Quad camera phone for only $500!

Big thanks to OPPO for sending this out for review!

What’s in the Box?

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What’s in the box? The most exciting part of a review, the unboxing! Included in the box is the OPPO A91 itself, the USB A to USB-C charging cable, a pair of earbuds, an AC USB wall adapter, OPPO’s staple included case and some documentation.

Design and Features

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The OPPO A91 is a super sleek looking and feeling smartphone. The whole rear side is made entirely of a super shiny glass and depending on the colour you chose it has a sort of teal/light blue look when light bounces off of it. The phone is also super lightweight and thin weighing in at only about 170g. On the back is where you will find the main 4 camera bump. The bump isn’t too big and once you put a case on it, it’s pretty unnoticeable. Also found round the back is the main camera flash, the OPPO logo and a phrase stating “Designed For A-Series”. Not really sure about the importance of this but it’s there. You’re probably going to hear me say this quite a few times but I am big fan of the back of the OPPO A91!

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Moving around the phone the colour will follow to the edges of the phone where on the left side you will find the two volume buttons. I like that OPPO went with separate buttons as I find that phones with a joined volume button makes me miss press the one that I want.

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On the right side is where you will find the main power/lock button for the phone. Both sets of buttons are in nice ergonomic positions and are easily accessible when using the phone one handed. It’s quite often these days with phones getting so big that you have to really stretch your hand/fingers to be able to do things. I’m glad OPPO has kept this in mind when designing the A91.

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Going down to the bottom of the phone is where the main USB-C charging port is located as well as the main loudspeaker, 3.5mm Audio jack (Yes, the OPPO A91 has one!) and the microphone that is used when you take calls.

Fingerprint Reader

The screen on the OPPO A91 is a 2400×1080 FHD+ AMOLED screen which looks pretty incredible. The fluidity of AMOLEDs is like nothing else that you can find at the price point and the colours are really accurate. The screen is slightly interrupted by the teardrop camera at the top but it’s only a very small front camera so it’s not too bad.  

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The screen on the OPPO A91 also features an in screen fingerprint reader. I remember when the first few phones came out with this and it was a bit tacky but now it works flawlessly. Scanning my fingerprint to unlock the phone was almost instantaneous. The glass on the screen is Gorilla Glass 5 which OPPO states is capable of surviving a 1.6m drop. I didn’t test this as the phone was a loan unit and I don’t think OPPO would appreciate it if I sent back a smashed phone…


The A91 features 48MP Ultra Wide Angle Macro Quadcam. Using 4-in-one-pixel combination technology, the 48MP rear sensor delivers sharper images with more detail. The 119° Ultra Wide Angle with Distortion Correction makes it easier to capture large groups of people.

The A91 features AI Video Beautification that can automatically make customized beautifications.

The A91 comes with Anti-shake video technology for video stabilisation.

In-Display Fingerprint 3.0: In-Display Fingerprint Unlock 3.0 enables users to unlock the device in

0.32s – 20% faster than the previous generation. It also increases security through hardware based anti-forging technology.

OPPO’s A91 is equipped with VOOC Flash Charge 3.0, charging your phone to 10% in just 5 minutes and 50% in 30 minutes – 26% faster than VOOC 2.0.

The OPPO A91 has an Ultrathin Lightweight Body at just 7.9mm thin and 172g in weight.

The A91 delivers fast, immersive gaming experience through Fame Boost and Touch Boost.

“Game Enhancements”

The OPPO A91 comes with what OPPO are calling ‘Game Enhancements’ which are meant to supposably help you while gaming on your phone. From what I have seen and what they provided in their information the game enhancements let you change your voice to another gender. It’s literally what it says in their reviewers guide and spec sheets. Another one of the highlights and turning down game sounds to hear voices. A lot of gamers I know and myself included actually prefer to hear more game sounds as it helps us determine where the enemies are coming from in game. So I’m not really sure what OPPO was going for with this but personally I think it’s pretty useless.

But. Don’t get this confused with their Game Boost technology which helps increase the overall gaming experience of the A91 by helping stabilize the game’s frame rate and touch sensitivity to give you a better, more accurate gaming experience.

Tech Specs

Phone Operating SystemAndroid
Phone TypeOppo A91
Network compatibility4G
Dual SIM (nano-SIM/nano-SIM)Yes
Device screen size (inches)6.4
Resolution (Pixels)1080 x 2400
Display typeAMOLED
Internal memory128GB
Expandable memory up to256GB
Battery capacity (mAh)4025
ProcessorMediatek Helio
Processor Model NumberP70
Rear Cameras (MP)48MP(wide) + 8MP(ultra wide) + 2MP + 2MP
Front camera (MP)16MP
Built-in flashYes
Face detectionYes
Video Frames Per Second720P, 1080@30fps
USB (Type-C) Port1
Headphone output (3.5mm)Yes
Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Manufacturer’s warranty2 Years


AMOLED!! Yep, you heard my right. The screen on the OPPO A91 is a Full HD+ AMOLED Screen with an impressive 2440×1080 resolution. The brightness of the screen is really good and is quite easy to see even outside in bright sunlight. The OPPO A91 also has auto dimming brightness which will help to ease your eyes from fatigue and helps dim the light when moving from outside to in and vice versa.


The OPPO A91 comes standard with 8GB of RAM which these days is definitely plenty to go about your day to day tasks on your phone and is also plenty enough to feed the need of Android 9.


The camera on the A91 is super duper impressive. It offers a full 48Mp Sensor giving you super crisp shots indoors and out. Even in low light conditions the OPPO A91 shines with it’s Ultra-Night Mode 2.0 giving you great light and colour even at night!

At the rear, the OPPO A91 has 4 cameras. 

  • The 48Mp main f/1.7, 26mmm,
  • 8Mp f/2.25, 13mm
  • 2Mp f/2.4
  • 2Mp f/2.4

And at the front has a 16MP f/2.0, 26mm camera.

The OPPO A91 can also record video at 1080p 30FPS which is pretty good for a phone at this price. Another massive benefit that the OPPO A91 has is software and hardware video stabilization. It features EIS software stabilization and gyroscopic hardware stabilization.


The battery on the OPPO A91 is extraordinary! The OPPO A91 features a whopping 4025mAh battery which is actually 2 2012mAh batteries put in parallel to give OPPO it’s incredible VOOC performance. The battery charges super quick with it being at 100% in less than an hour! This is absolutely amazing for any smartphone but especially for one which is priced at only $500. You can use any old wall charger but OPPO’s special VOOC charger has a cool feature up its sleeve, it actually has two adapters inside a single wall charging giving you double the amount of Amps and Watts.


The OPPO A91 has a single mono speaker at the top and a single down firing speaker at the bottom. The sound is pretty good and doesn’t distort at high volumes. The sound quality is good and quite clear. The listening experience is pretty good but does lack in the bass department when listening to music. Using the phone in hands free mode also works really well and doesn’t make it sound like you’re going through a tunnel which is quite common in cheaper phones.

Overall Performance

The overall performance in the OPPO A91 is great. It offers a speedy, snappy user experience and Colour OS has come a long way since the earlier days and is actually a really powerful mobile OS. The speed of the A91 is really like nothing else at this price range.


What a great phone! The OPPO A91 has some really great features for the price of it and it really shows how much OPPO cares about the end user. Having a 48MP camera on a $500 is just incredible. You get a great looking phone with an AMOLED screen and a headphone jack! What more could you want for 500 bucks?

Available now from JB HiFi (Australia)

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Disclosure: The OPPO A91 review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

OPPO A91 Review
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  • Value for Money


What a great phone! The OPPO A91 has some really great features for the price of it and it really shows how much OPPO cares about the end user. Having a 48MP camera on a $500 is just incredible. You get a great looking phone with an AMOLED screen and a headphone jack! What more could you want for 500 bucks?