I have been on the lookout for a good quality soldering station that has the power that i need- and i think i have found it, the PACE ADS200 Soldering Station by PACE Worldwide!

I would like to say a big thank you to PACE for sending this one out for review.

When I received the station the first thing i noticed is it’s heft, this thing is like a tank. It’s body is made out aluminium with a cast steel front bezel. It has huge rubber feet to stop it moving around your bench/table.

They also have a curved top and bottom so that they are stackable.

Pace ADS200 Stackable

At the front there is the main power switch, which i do prefer at the front. 3 rubber buttons which have a nice tactile feel and click along with the iron connector which is plastic but still a good quality plastic.

The IEC port on the back is fused which is nice and the tip is fully grounded to the back. On the back you won’t find much apart from the IEC port, instant setback port and a grounding port for either a grounding strap or to tie it in to your grounding system. I also checked and yes the main ground is also connected to the ground port.

The tool stand is also made purely of steel, with the optional instant setback mode stand having a little switch inside of it which connects to the back of the station. There is a spot for a sponge and brass wool, the brass wool holder comes out for you to clean and the sponge expands about 5 times its size when wet.

You also get ample space for your tips and the tip remover tool, also included is a silicone mat to rest your iron tips on after removal.

The TD-200 Iron Handle is amazing, it features blue anodized aluminium with a rubber grip with a soft, flexible heat resistant cable, their cool touch technology is great at keeping the handle nice and cool all day.

There are two different types of tips, the “standard” tips and the “ultra performance” tips, there is no power difference but the “ultra performance” tips have a much bigger thermal mass therefore it is able to transfer a lot more heat.

This is Paces first station supporting their new Accudrive technology which gives the station close to single digit temperature accuracy and combines the features of a precision soldering iron with a high output iron delivering up to 120W. Because of this-the station does not require calibrating. The station can be configured to display temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

The three pre-set temperatures can be configured in the menu and access by clicking the black button on the front panel.

To avoid stressing fine tips or overheating joints, the station has configurable High and Low temperature limits. When going lower than the lowest temperature the station will enter Auto Off mode and power down the iron than you can use a preset or the temperature button to bring it back up to working temps.

All stations come the with ability to enter a low temperature standby mode called Setback. When the iron hasn’t been active after a set amount of time it will trigger what is called Setback, the station reduces the temperature of the iron. If the station detects the iron dropping further in temperature ( touching the tip to the wet sponge or ground plane etc) the station assumes you are using it again and heats back up to the set temperature.

There is also an optional Instant Setup tool stand where the stand has a limit switch built into it to tell the station that the iron is in the stand and to start the setback timer.

There is also an option to put a password on all your setting so that no-one will change them.

With the menu you can configure three temperature presets, Fahrenheit or Celsius, High and Low temperature limits, Setback timer, Instant Setback timer, Setback temperature, AutoOff timer, menu lockout password just by powering it off and turning back on while holding the black button.

In Conclusion

The PACE ADS200 is a great value option for a 120W production quality station, i think if you are going to purchase one you should purchase the optional ISB Stand as well.

I would again like to thank PACE for sending this one out for review.

Buy one from Mektroniks here!

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