RGB is all the craze these days and PNY has joined the RGB RAM team with the launch of their XLR8 RGB Gaming Memory and has kindly sent over a 16GB kit for me to review.

Big thanks to PNY for sending this out for review!

What’s in the Box?

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The box for the PNY XLR8 Gaming Memory is a pretty standard RAM box. Upon opening the box you will be greeted with the standard clamshell packaging that basically all RAM comes with these days. From what I can see, you don’t get any documentation or anything else in the box

Design and Features

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The PNY XLR8 RGB Memory is really sleek looking. The RAM has a diffusion strip running the full length of the dimm so that the actual RGB light isn’t too harsh inside your system. 

The diffuser is angled and meets in a point in the centre and has a subtle XLR8 logo on the top. I’m glad that PNY didn’t slap a whole bunch of branding on the RGB strip. For the heat spreaders, they are a really sleek dark grey colour with angled ridges going in towards the centre. 

When lit up, the XLR8 RGB RAM looks incredible. The light isn’t too bright but is definitely bright enough to catch your attention, which I think is what PNY were aiming for. The lights can be controlled with a number of different software suites, more of which I will go into later in the review.


Epic-X RGB

Synchronize your RGB RAM with most mainstream motherboards and software suites to customize your to fit your setup.

XMP 2.0 Support

Easily overclock your RAM to it’s limits with XMP 2.0 Support to get your RAM running at top speed. However, sometimes XMP is a little weird so be careful with this!

Sleek Modern Design

With it’s dark grey colour scheme and angled accent lines. The PNY XLR8 RGB RAM looks great in any system.


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The PNY XLR8 RGB RAM is compatible with most mainstream RGB Lighting Software.


All of these above software suites are capable of changing and customizing the lighting on the RAM giving you the ability to sync the RAM with the rest of your system and peripherals. For instance, sync your RAM with your system fans!


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The PNY XLR8 RGB Gaming RAM can be found online at places like Mwave for only $119! A really great value for a 16GB, 3200MHz kit of RGB RAM.


The PNY XLR8 RGB Gaming RAM is really great value for money, especially if you’re after a nice kit of RGB RAM for your next build. It’s fast, it looks great and performs really well!

Available from Mwave

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Disclosure: The PNY XLR8 RGB RAM review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid and no one saw the review before publishing.