In the first review of the year, I’m taking a look at the Razer Kraken X Headset which Razer sent over for review late last year.

Big thanks to Razer for sending this over for review!

Design and Features

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What’s in the Box?

In the box of the Razer Kraken X you get the Kraken X itself, A 3.5mm to dual microphone and headphone adapter and some documentation.


The overall design of the Razer Kraken X is quite sleek with it being completely matte black plastic with a Razer Logo on each of the earcups. On the left side is the microphone mute button, volume wheel, audio cable and the non retractable boom mic. The headset is quite small and compact compared to a lot of headsets Razer has made-weighing in at only 250g! 

It has hidden eyewear channels on both sides for glasses wearers like me. It stops your glasses or eyewear from pushing into the sides of your head and causing pain.

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Razer has used memory foam in both the headband and the ear cushions to fit the contours of your head and to make them more comfortable. The ear cushions are not interchangeable and are only available in a leatherette design.

One thing I would like to see included is a headphone hanging band, this stops the memory foam from being indented from using a headphone stand, though I do understand why it isn’t included for such a cheap headset.


The Kraken X is really comfortable, I could wear it for hours on end without feeling pressure of getting sore. It would be nice to see a different type of ear cushion, one that’s breathable as the leatherette does make things quite sweaty after long enough. And with it being summer in Australia it gets pretty damn hot here.

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The sound quality of the Razer Kraken X is pretty decent at the price point. It has clear, sharp audio and doesn’t distort on high volumes. The Bass is a bit lacking but still sounds decent. The Virtual 7.1 surround sound is quite good giving you a spacious and immersive experience. In game this helps a lot allowing you to hear the location of enemy movement giving you a pretty big advantage over the opponent. If you are using these to listen to music, I would recommend turning the Virtual Surround Sound off as it makes the music sound more spacious and gives it a less rich sound. Note: Surround Sound is only available on PC.

The Microphone

With no way to control the microphone on the headset itself, it is quite loud from the get go and you really do need to turn it down in windows to get the best sound from it or it will pick up all kinds of background audio. Nonetheless it sounds decent and gives clear audio which is definitely needed for good communication with your buds in game. Although not detachable it is flexible and can move around to have it in the most optimal position.


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The Razer Kraken X can be picked up for around $140 AUD, Currently Amazon Australia has it on sale for only $80 AUD!


For the price, the Razer Kraken X is a steal, Especially with it’s inclusion of 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound. Overall a decent sounding headset with a decent mic for your gaming sessions.

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