Recently Razer offered to send over their flagship $250 Thresher Ultimate headset for me to review. Obviously i agreed and have since pushed this headset to it’s limits to find out just what it can do.

Big thanks to Razer for sending this over for review.

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Credit: Razer

First Impressions and Desgin

Once your new headset arrives at your door step, you will open it to find the following; the headset itself, the wireless base station, 2 USB cables, an optical audio cable, headphone stand, some documentation and the best thing yet. Some Razer stickers.

Now for some first impressions; I really like the look of them they have a really nice gamer aesthetic. They’re mostly black with a hint of blue(or some other colour depending on your model). The headband has the Razer block letter logo on it which means if someone is standing over you while your wearing them, it just let’s them know your better then them. In other words, flexing on them. On the left ear is the power button, power LED, Micro-USB charging port and microphone gain wheel. On the right is just the headset volume wheel, however, i personally don’t like this approach, i would prefer it to be on the receiver or somewhere at bit more ergonomic.

The whole thing is a plastic and steel construction with swiveling ear cups to make sitting on your desk a breeze. Speaking of the ear cups they have the traditional Razer snake logo on each one that lights up to the colour of your model to tell you when they are on.

Stand and Receiver

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Credit: Razer

My sample did include a headset stand which is made from a soft coated plastic and is unfortunately pretty flimsy, being made entirely out of plastic. Nonetheless, it works.

One cool design choice with the headset stand is the fact that the wireless bass station can actually sit inside the stand if you don’t have a lot of room on your desk.

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Credit: Razer

And now onto the bass station, it is a sort of trapezoid shape with the Razer logo on top, the main power button is on the front taking up most of the available room. On the top right is the Dolby Atmos toggle button, so if you have an Atmos subscription this allows you to turn it on and off without the need of software. On the back of the receiver is an optical audio in and out, micro USB for powering the receiver, a full-sized USB A for charging the headset and the console/pc toggle switch. One thing i would have liked to have seen is a 3.5mm jack for connecting either a phone of other device for music playback.


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Credit: Razer

Even though the Thresher is a big headset, it really doesn’t weigh that much, weighing in at only 402 grams. The interchangeable memory foam ear cushions are super comfortable and soft, and with two types; A leatherette and a cooling gel infused ear cushion, you are bound to have a comfortable gaming session.

Both the different ear cushions have an indentation for people like me who wear glasses, which makes it a lot more comfortable for long gaming sessions. There is one problem with the ear cushions thought, even with the cooling gel my ears were still sweating. Now i know this isn’t a huge problem but i thought i’d mention it.

The dual headband is also super comfortable and is also made with memory foam so it doesn’t dig into your head like some headsets do. Another great thing about the headband is that it is auto adjusting, just put it on your head and it will fit and won’t feel like it is squishing your head with a clamping force of only 700 grams.

Battery Life and Wireless Range

The Razer Thresher Ultimate has a battery life of “16 hours”, which is almost accurate. I clocked it in at 14 hours which is still great for a headset with this much power. And because the thresher has a low power draw, you can even use it while charging with no loss in audio quality.

As to the wireless range. Razer claim that the Thresher is capable of working for up to 20m line of sight. Which is again, fairly accurate and i was able to hear things without any loss in audio quality for 18m with a wall nearby. There is also dual antennas on the headset. One in each ear, to allow sudden head movements without any loss in audio. Just take my word for it. Unless you want to look like an idiot throwing your head side to side.

Razer Thresher Ultimate’s Audio Quality

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Credit: Razer

To put it in one word: Amazing.

I tried the headset in a range of different games with a variety of soundscapes. The headset has an incredible low frequency capability, allowing you to hear things you may not be able to hear with other headsets. This along with the 7.1 surround sound helps you hear things like footsteps in a game, giving you a more immersive experience. For instance, in Overwatch you can hear characters footsteps in the distance. This is the same again with the higher frequency sounds, the headset is able reproduce these without it being screechy or ‘peaking’ and causing your ears to bleed. (not literally but high frequency noises can hurt your ears after prolonged exposure)

Now to the bass, for something that is wireless, it has impeccable bass. Bass filled sounds like gunshots and bombs in fps games are recreated perfectly without drowning out the other sounds.

Listening to music with the headset also sounds fantastic.. Not too tinny or quiet and not too much bass that my eardrums exploded.

Above all. The Thresher goes super loud, you can literally hear it clearly with it sitting on the stand if it’s turned all the way up.

7.1 Surround Sound and Noise Cancelling

The Razer Thresher Ultimate features Dolby Atmos 7.1 surround sound. Turning this on in games gives you the ultimate experience. Believe me, if you haven’t tried 7.1 surround sound in a game you MUST give it a go. Once you do, you can never go back.

As mentioned before, the headset has two different types of ear cushions, leatherette and cooling gel. If you are using the leatherette ones, it will help cancel out background noise. Again helping produce a more immersive feel in the game.

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Credit: Razer

The Microphone

The microphone on the Thresher extends out from the left driver. It has an integrated pop filter and peak led to let you know that your rage screams are deafening people on the other end. I would of liked it if when you slid the mic back in that it turns off, but unfortunately not. But nonetheless it’s a decent sounding mic and is good at cancelling out background noise. Only a couple of dislikes bout it, it does sound a little tinny and quiet, even at the highest gain.

Razer Thresher Ultimate Tech Specs

And now for the Tech Specs, if you didn’t pay attention to the rest, or just don’t care. Here is a copy of the Tech Specs.

Tech Specs 872x1024
Credit: Razer


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They’re Fantastic.

The Razer Thresher Ultimate has to be one of my favorite headsets i have ever tried. That’s why it gets the Cleb’s Tech Choice. I highley recommend these to anyone looking for a good wireless solution, for console or PC. Just a little hint, these work on all console, just use the optical audio ports.

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