The Silicon Power BP82 is one of their newest products offering a true wireless listening experience, I have been wanting to do some more true wireless and when Silicon Power asked me if I wanted to check them out I jumped onto it.

Thanks to Silicon Power for sending this over for review!

What’s in the Box?

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Included in the box of the BP82s are the BP82s themselves, a charging case, USB-A to Micro-USB charging cable, replacement ear tips and some documentation.

Design and Features

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The Silicon Power BP82 are really nice and sleek looking earbuds. They are made from all black glossy plastic. On both earbuds is a multifunction capacitive button to play/pause and control the earbuds. Around the button is a light ring that flashes or shows a different colour light depending on what the status of the earbud is i.e unpaired or charging.

Speaking of charging, the earbuds are charged in the included case via two pins on each earbud. The case has a very premium build to it, on the front of the case are 3 lights to tell you that the earbuds are charging. There is no way to mess up which earbud you put in the case as they are keyed and magnetic.

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An Enhanced Listening Experience

BT V5 technology provides better wireless connectivity for an enhanced listening experience versus BT V4 – that means a steadier signal, greater range, and clearer sound. Plus, the earbuds automatically pair with your device upon withdrawal from the case (after the initial but simple pairing set-up) for instant sound gratification.

Hassle-Free Music Enjoyment

With truly wireless functionality, earbuds that magnetically pull into a lightweight case, and both auto-power and auto-charge functions, it really doesn’t get any easier than the BP82 earbuds. Plus, up to 3.5 hours of playtime per charge along with a water- and sweat-resistant design gives you plenty of places and time to enjoy your favorite songs.

A Thoughtful Touch

Away from your phone? Without being wired down, it can happen. Simply tap your finger once on either earbud to pause the music. Tap twice on the right earbud to skip to the next track. Tap twice on the left earbud to rewind to the previous track.

Comfort Meets Convenience

With 3 sets of ear tips, there’s a perfect fit for you. These earbuds will seamlessly integrate into your daily life for a comfortable and convenient listening experience. Whether you’re commuting to work via public transit, studying for the next exam at the campus café, or turning it up at the gym, turn off the world effortlessly with the BP82 earbuds.


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The Silicon Power BP82 true wireless earbuds sound pretty good, They produce clear crisp audio and sound quite decent. The bass is a bit overpowering but not too bad. One issue I found is if I didn’t get the perfect seal they didn’t sound all that great. The battery on the BP82s is also pretty good, they lasted me about 4 hours at 60% volume and charging them is pretty quick via the charging case.


Currently the BP82s are on sale on the Silicon Power store for $30!


For only $30 USD the Silicon Power BP82 are pretty good value. They offer decent sound quality and have a decent battery life. What more could you want for $30?

Available from the Silicon Power online store

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Disclosure: The Silicon Power BP82 review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

Silicon Power BP82 True Wireless Earbuds Review
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For only $30 USD the Silicon Power BP82 are pretty good value. They offer decent sound quality and have a decent battery life. What more could you want for $30?