A little over a month ago, Seagate sent over their 10TB SkyHawk drives to be included in a Surveillance Server Buid, they also asked if while i was checking them out, if i could do a little review. Being such good friends i couldn’t say no…

So here’s my review, Big thanks to Seagate for sending these over for review.

SKYHAWK T 10TB Front Hi Res 1024x1024

Design and First Impressions

These are some thicc* hard drives…

They, obviously, have an all metal design being made entirely from aluminium. They feel really heavy and high quality. On the front side is the Seagate and Skyhawk logo as well as the hard drive information, the samples that i got are 10TB so they have the 10TB markings.

On the bottom side is the PCB and the power and Sata/SAS connectors because this drive supports both configs.

And finally on the sides are the standard mounting holes for 3.5″ hard drives.

The overall design of the drive is pretty standard for a hard drive and hasn’t changed in the past 20 odd years.


Here are just some of the features of the SkyHawk Drives

ImagePerfect™ AI firmware for superior image integrity alongside additional AI workload support in always-on, AI-enabled surveillance systems.

Custom designed to support an additional 32 AI streams while simultaneously and flawlessly recording footage up to 64 HD cameras.

Designed and built to handle heavy surveillance workloads in traditional video recording and in advanced video analytics environments. At 550 TB/year, SkyHawk AI is designed for 3× the workload of standard surveillance drives.

Advanced vibration management for superior and sustained performance in 16+ bay NVR systems.

SkyHawk Health Management actively helps protect your surveillance storage by focusing on prevention, intervention, and recovery options. 1 Included is RAID RapidRebuild™, which provides 3× faster volume rebuilds.

Improved reliability and reduced total cost of ownership with 1.5M-hr. MTBF and 3- year limited warranty.

Unparalleled data protection with an optional 2-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan, providing access to Seagate’s secure labs with industry-leading data recovery success rates.

SkyHawk Health Management

Seagate SkyHawk health management is a software suite made in partnership with Hikvision to give users an easier way of managing and keeping an eye of the health of the drives.

The SkyHawk health management software helps prevent data loss my constantly monitoring the drives and intervening and reporting problems.

It also has direct access to Seagate’s Data Recovery service in case of any data loss, just send your drive off to Seagate and they will work to get your data back.

Note, this software is only available on Hikvision NVRs so i didn’t have a way of getting real world tests with any of this.


Specs 1024x941


Now, these are labelled as surveillance drives and that is what they are best for, constant writes and lower reads…But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else with them. I was using them on QNAP’s QVR PRO, article coming soon, recording three cameras simultaneously at 2560×1440 and running PLEX Media Server streaming at 4K and found no issues, meaning you could use this as a standard NAS drive. Not saying you should, but you could.

SKYHAWK T 10TB Open Hi Res 1024x1024


The Seagate Skyhawk Drives are a really great option for your Surveillance needs, i would even go as far to say they are the BEST.

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