These days, streaming on an online platform is a BIG thing and can lead to some serious money, But it takes up so much time for the average person that obviously they would want to streamline it as much as the could and make it as easy as possible to get it done. And that’s where the Stream Deck comes into play, with it’s 32 customizable buttons it makes a streamers job SO much easier by being able to control his or hers stream with the tip of their fingers.

And if you are some kind of cave monster and haven’t heard of Elgato, here’s a bit of background. Elgato is basically a streamer’s paradise, with products like green screens, stream lighting, capture cards and their newest one-The Multi Mount arm.

Big thanks to Corsiar/Elgato for sending this out for review, Thanks Guys!

What’s In the Box?

Upon receiving your new Stream Deck, you will get the following: 

The Stream Deck itself, a 1.5m USB-C to USB-A cable, a magnetic stand for the Stream Deck and a quick start guide.

Design and Features


The box of the Stream Deck is Elgato’s iconic blue packaging and opens up like a smartphone box.

The Stream Deck is made entirely of a black plastic surrounding the 32 buttons, above the 32 buttons is the Stream Deck logo.

The 32 buttons have an LCD screen behind them allowing you to fully customize the button to your liking.


On the bottom of the Stream Deck are 4 rubber feet, a USB-C port and a cable channel for when you don’t use the included magnetic stand.

The included magnetic stand is really cool it easily snaps onto the rubber feet of the Stream Deck and the Stream Deck has a notch cut out with the opposite bit on the stand to make sure it is in the right orientation. The stand also has a hole in the back for easy cable management.

I really like the new stand design over the older Stream Deck, with the flimsy adjustable stand. Now it’s just two options, flat or elevated.

The possibilities with the Stream Deck are basically endless, Adjust the audio levels and mute your mic, Switch cameras, Change scenes, Activate your intermission screen. Place videos, GIFs and Images within your stream or send out a tweet telling all your followers that you’re live.


The Elgato Stream Deck software is really easy and simple to use, just go to the Elgato website and download it. Once downloaded just simply drag the desired action from the left hand side onto the key that you want. You can have multiple folders full of keys to and have multiple profiles depending on what it is you are doing.

Here’s a screenshot of what I use for my day to day work.


Which gives my all my most used games and software at my fingertips.

Changing the brightness and other settings is easily done by clicking on the little gear icon in the top right. Also in the settings is where you will make your profiles.


One really cool integration with the Stream Deck is voice mod, I love using this while playing online games with my friends and it is also usable while streaming to entertain your viewers. 

You are able to pick from a range of voice effects right on the Stream Deck.

Key Creator

Elgato’s Key Creator is an online platform that allows you to make your very own custom key logos without the need of software like Photoshop, Just design your key and download it to your computer. I personally would like it if the Key Creator was part of the Stream Deck software.


Community Plugins

The Stream Deck community has made a big range of plugins for the Stream Deck, one personally use is the Spotify one which lets you easily start playlists, skip and so much more. The community plugins are definitely worth checking out.

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Technical Specs


Mac: MacOS 10.13 or newer
Windows: Windows 10 (64-bit)

Keys: 32x Customisable LCD keys

Dimensions: 182mm x 112mm x 34mm (7.17in x 4.41in x 1.34in) without stand

Interface: USB 3.0

Weight: 410g (14.46oz) without stand


I really, REALLY like the new Stream Deck XL and i think you will too. The only thing i would say is the Elgato Key Creator should be part of the Stream Deck Software.

Buy one from the Elgato Website

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