Hey Everyone! Today I’m doing a review on Synology’s Surveillance Software Suite, Synology Surveillance Station. This is my first ever software review and may be a bit rusty – Feedback would be great accepted!

Thanks to Synology for providing a DS418play to use for this review!

Home surveillance hasn’t always been much of a big thing until the past few years as surveillance systems were just so expensive and most people just didn’t find it necessary. But now with the ability to monitor your property, loved ones and pets from anywhere in the world. Home surveillance is extremely cost effective. 

The solution I am taking a look at today is more for the home techy who wants a high quality but cost effective home/SOHO surveillance solution.

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Live View & Alert

Monitor video streams from multiple cameras in real time and set up smart analytics to catch suspicious behavior.

Recording & Playback

Manage, analyze, export, or play recordings with an intuitive interface. 

Vast Camera Support

Compatible with ONVIF profile and over 7300 IP camera models to support specialized camera features. 

Diverse Device Integration

Surveillance Station integrates with various kinds of devices to help you manage the whole environment. 


Manage your surveillance system easily with privilege settings, action rules, notification, and many more advanced features. 

Centralized Management System (CMS)

CMS is designed for multi-site and multi-server deployments, while N+M failover ensures system reliability. 


Besides your PC, you can also use iOS, or Android™ mobile device to monitor anytime, anywhere. 


VisualStation is a hardware device designed to help you monitor Surveillance Station without a PC, it is also ideal for TV wall setup. 

Getting Started

Getting started with the Synology Surveillance Station is as easy as going to the package centre and downloading it.

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Once downloaded you will be greeted with the home page. To add cameras, make sure the camera is powered on and on the same network as the NAS, Then go to the IP camera page and click on the add option and choose to either add them one by one or in batch.

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Here you will add the camera name, IP Address and other camera info

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The next step is to set up some of the basic functionality. Select a camera, then Edit, Recording Settings. Here, you can set the camera to continuously record, with preset limits based on time and storage space. Recording can also be set to a schedule, or activated by motion detection. Under the main menu, there are also options such as Notification, which allows alerts to be set for triggers such as motion/audio detection, if a connection to a camera is lost and more. 

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One thing I really don’t like about surveillance software on NAS’ is the need for licensing and the ridiculous price for it. It costs an extra $74 AUD per extra camera from the two included licenses!


Synology’s Surveillance Station is compatible with a HUGE range of IP cameras, even if your particular brand is not on the list-there’s a pretty big chance it will be compatible over the ONVIF standard. The highest quality camera I had to try with the Surveillance Station was a 5mp 2560×1440 camera and it performed great at 30fps on H.264 compression it doesn’t take up too much space. Here is the link to the compatibility page.

Mobile App

Synology offer a mobile app to view and manage your cameras and has the ability to turn home mode on and off depending on whether you’re home or not. Home mode allows a range of different settings to be turned off when you are home like motion detection and recording. Another really cool feature of the mobile app is the I/O allowing motion detections to trigger a range of smart home apps like smart lights and alarms.


Surveillance Station is powerful enough to handle security homes and small offices and is a fairly robust suite of software – and all while the NAS device also performs all regular NAS duties like storage and media serving.

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