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Telstra and Magna Systems deliver live, 8K VR streaming over 5G in Australian first

MELBOURNE, 5 September 2019 – At this year’s Telstra Vantage showcase, Telstra, broadcast and telecoms specialists Magna Systems and their technology partner Summit Tech delivered an Australian first providing live, 8K VR streaming over Telstra’s 5G network with images captured by a Kandao Obsidan R 8K camera from the Gold Coast to viewers in Melbourne.


Live, 8K VR streaming over Telstra’s 5G network

Visitors to the Telstra Vantage showcase experienced immersive real-time streaming with 5G Voice and Video Calling when stepping into a shared VR cylinder designed by immersive VR and audio-visual specialists Igloo Vision, where they were transported to a beach on the Gold Coast while sharing the experience via carrier-based video calling (IR.94).


The OB on the Gold Coast

Using an outside broadcast truck from scalable OB and fly away specialists Blue Garage TV situated on the Gold Coast, Summit Tech designed a capture and encoding system which can be setup in any location with 5G coverage and began transmitting to viewers equipped with the Summit Tech RCS VR Odience application, a platform for 5G based live event streaming. Viewers could access the live stream on 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi and interact with their contacts through Rich Communication Services (RCS) and social media.

For 5G networks, Summit RCS VR Calling supports Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) with 8K 360 video streams and IR.39 HD Video Conferencing (HDVC). Through the RCS VR Odience platform, an end-to-end VR content event management solution for live events and concerts, AR conference calls and telepresence. RCS VR Odience enhances the VR calling experience for both the content creators and viewers.

On location content creators manage live events with features such as video calls projected onto video walls or domes situated at the venue, creating Virtual Spectators, connecting viewers to Front Row VR performers and more.


System diagram for the live, 8K VR streaming over Telstra’s 5G network

In addition to the witnessing the live, 8K VR streaming over Telstra’s 5G network visitors to the cylinder at the Telstra Vantage showcase also saw a plethora of other exciting IMS and RCS live demonstrations through live streaming 8K VR.

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