Recently Razer sent over their Turret keyboard and mouse combo for review. So for the past few weeks i have been testing and using the Turret and testing it to see what it can do.

Special thanks to Razer for sending this out for review!

Design and First Impressions

In the Box you will receive, the Turret mouse and keyboard, a USB type C cable, 2 micro USB cables, (one that connects straight to the keyboard to charge and one to connect to a wall adapter), a USB wireless receiver, some documentation and the most important thing of all – Razer stickers!

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The whole construction of the Turret keyboard is amazingly solid, it is made purely of black aluminium. The outside is made of plastic but is still super solid, there is literally no deck flex to the keyboard.

And of course the best feature, Per Key RGB lighting! So you can have it one of 16.8 million colours you want.

The bottom of the keyboard has a soft rubber material on it so it doesn’t slip or hurt your legs while your battling with your buds.

Also underneath is the mouse mat lever allowing you to take out the mouse mat. Speaking of the mouse mat. It is magnetically coated which the Turret mouse will then slightly stick to and stops it from lifting up too far.

On the back of the Turret keyboard is also the power switch, USB type C charging port and the micro USB mouse charging port.

If you haven’t worked it out already. This is a TKL keyboard, meaning it does not have the numpad on the side. But this really isn’t an issue because it is designed for Xbox One.


The Turret mouse is a right hand orientated mouse, so unfortunately you weird left handed people have to miss out. Both sides of the mouse have a textured rubber to stop your hands slipping while you rage.

On the left are two buttons, pre-programmed as forward and back for web browsing, but these can easily be remapped.

The top of the mouse, behind the scroll wheel is another two buttons to do whatever you want.

And this couldn’t be a product in 2019 without it being RGB so both the scroll wheel and Razer logo are fully addressable RGB.

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The Turret keyboard features Razer Green switches, made in partnership with Kailh switches, are super clicky and responsive.

(Audio Test)

They have an actuation force of 50G and a travel distance of 4mm.

They’re capable of around 60 million keystrokes which is disappointing compared to Logitech’s Romer G keys which have a 70 million keystroke lifespan and travel distance of only 3.2mm. Apart from that, they are great.

There are no dedicated macro keys, apart from the dedicated Xbox button to bring up the Xbox home screen.


This is kind of an iffy thing to review. Because most people will be using it on Xbox and no dedicated software that i could find. But the lights do sync with the game to give you a more immersive feel. Some games do also allow you to make macro keys and hotkeys in-game.

But on PC, it’s a different story. The Turret pair can take advantage of the whole Razer software suite allowing you to change key functions, lighting patterns etc.


Comfort is a big part of what makes this a good idea for loungeroom gaming. As mentioned before, underneath the keyboard is nice and soft and the mouse mat isn’t too far away to hurt your wrists. There is also a nice big wrist rest for when sitting on the lounge, it is great for that but is quite uncomfortable when using it on PC.


I enjoyed using the Turret keyboard and mouse. I think they’re a great idea for a console player who wants to improve their overall gaming experience but don’t have the budget to join the PC Master Race.

Special thanks to Razer for sending this over for review.

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