A little while ago D-link sent over their brand new DCS-4705E POE camera for me to take a look at. Over the past couple of weeks i have been testing it out and comparing it to the previous generation Vigilance lineup of cameras.

DCS-4705E Design and First Impressions

As always, i’ll start off with what you get with the camera. You get the camera it self, a mounting template, screws and wall plugs, ethernet waterproofing connector, some documentation and a software CD.

DCS 4705E A1 Side Right
Image Credit: D-Link

The Camera itself is very solid, made from white powder-coated steel, it will definitely hold up to whatever your situation is. On the front of the camera is obviously the lens with it’s ring of LEDs for night vision. Above that is the lens hood to block the sun from hitting the lens directly and ruining the footage. On the side is the D-Link logo and on the base of the camera is the reset button, which does exactly what you think, resets the camera.

And finally, the mounting system, i really like this design compared to some cheap CCTV cameras, it has a much more robust hold and grip on the camera.

There are two ways to run the cable, either straight out the back end of the camera or off the side as D-Link has cutout on the side of the wall mount with a clamp to stop the cable being pulled too far out and striping it, all this allows you to pretty much mount this anywhere.

The attached cable is roughly 45cm long and has both an Ethernet jack and a DC in jack just in case you don’t have a Poe switch, you can still power it.

DCS 4705E A1 Side Right Cable 1024x340
Image Credit: D-Link

DCS-4705E Features

5MP Video! Yes that is correct, the DCS-4705E can record at a full 5MP at 15FPS!

Wide Dynamic Range, Which allows you to easily identify subjects in any lighting with digital WDR video enhancement.

H.265 Video Compression, this means that footage recorded takes up about 1 6th of the traditional MJPEG format and this is all done on an inbuilt chip on the camera, saving CPU power on your recording device.

Weatherproof, The DCS-4705E has Durable IP66 rated housing for surveillance in any weather.

Motion Detection, You can easily configure motion sensors and privacy mask settings so you always know what’s happening inside and out.

3D Filter, Which reduces noise in low-light environments for clear, smooth images

Video Quality

Recording at 5MP and 15FPS, you get really crisp, sharp images and video allowing you to even see license plates! The video feed isn’t very noisy, although there was a bit of noise between the sun setting and becoming night time. But other than that, The DCS-4705E has impeccable video quality.

POE Capability

It’s 2019, i think all CCTV cameras should be POE compatible. Thankfully, the DCS-4705E is, with a built-in 802.3af compliant PoE module. If you don’t know what POE is, it allows you to send both power and data over one Ethernet cable so you don’t have to run a separate power cable to the camera.

DCS-4705E Software

The DCS-4705E Camera includes D-ViewCam, a surveillance software package that enables you to view, manage, and record from up to 64 cameras on a single computer in a central location. Recordings and e-mail alerts can be triggered through motion detection or events triggered by digital input devices, keeping you informed of any unusual activity.

612 D ViewCam Website
Image Credit: D-Link


I really like the DCS-4705E Camera, It has great image quality, great night vision, in addition to it being POE compatible. Over all a great a great camera 4.2/5!


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