Recently Jaybird sent over their flagship Tarah Pro earbuds for review, i put them through their paces to see exactly what these are capable of.

Massive thanks to Jaybird for sending these out for review and giveaway, you guys are awesome!

First Impressions and Design

Tarahpro Black Gallery 2
Photo Credit: Jaybird

Upon first impressions, these are amazing. The cable is fully braided and is super flexible, the ear buds are made entirely of metal and the plastic controller is made from a nice soft plastic.

Other than that, the earpieces are super squishy and will definitely fit your ear with one of the included 3 sizes. Speaking of included, you get in the box; the earbuds themselves, a cool styled charger (USB power adapter not included), neck tightener, shirt clip, carrying case and shirt clip.

As to the included carry case, it is made of a black poly type of material ,not sure what just by touch, it has the Jaybird logo on the bottom corner, the inside is green and has plenty of room for the charger spare tips and the earbuds. It also has a cool snapping opener instead of a standard zipper.

Tarahpro Inthebox
Photo Credit: Jaybird

Jaybird Tarah Pro Features

The Jaybird Tarah Pro is packed full of features including, but not limited to.

Weather resistance, the Tarah Pro is IPX7 rated which will handle the most sweatiest of workouts.

Pivoting Earbuds, the Tarah Pro’s earbuds are capable of pivoting in different directions to allow either over-ear wearing or the traditional hanging style.

14 Hour Batter Life! Yes that is correct the Tarah Pro’s are fully capable of lasting up to 14 hours on a single charge. Incredible!

Magnetic Snap Lock, once you have finished listening to your favorite tunes, you can just take them out of your ears and the will snap together and turn themselves off.

Tarahpro Black Gallery 3
Photo Credit: Jaybird

One Touch Control Centre

The Jaybird Tarah Pro features their ‘One Touch Controls’ allowing you to control music, answer phone calls and is compatible with Siri and Google Assistant to make it even smarter.

Tarahpro Black Gallery 5
Photo Credit: Jaybird

GPS Tracking

This has to be one of my most favorite features of the Tarah Pro’s, the fact that if you lose them you can just go into an app and locate them is just incredible. I for one love this feature and have fully tested it. Just another feature to make life that bit easier.

Fully Dedicated App

There are some really good earbuds out there that have third party apps to control things like EQ, but it could never be the same as this. The Jaybird app makes things so easy to control, you can do things like change the name of the Earbuds, customize the EQ to one of their ready made ones or make one for yourself, Track the earbuds location and create and share your playlists.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Specs

I could list them all, but that would look way too confusing on here, so here’s a screenshot of the Jaybird Website.

Tech Specs 1024x868

How Does the Audio Really Sound?

You can look at any specs and think that those earbuds are good and they could be total sh*t. But not in this case, the Jaybird Tarah Pro has a good mixture of high and low frequency output and is not too tinny or too much bass but a good mixture, for music with a higher amount of bass the Tarah Pros don’t peak and handle it really well.

The only thing i could say is, if you don’t have them both in at the same time then it can sound a little tinny. But other than that they sound great.


Well, you can probably already tell, i love the Jaybird Tarah Pros, they are now my day to day earbuds. As to a recomendation, yes i do recommend these if you have the budget as they are a bit expensive coming in at $250, but Jaybird do offer a cheaper version with less features for only $170.

But you do have a chance to win a free pair of Tarah Pro Earbuds, thanks to Jaybird i got another pair to giveaway to one lucky reader. Just send an email to with 25 words or less on why you should win the earbuds, make sure to include the following:

  • Name
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  • (Optional) Social Media Handles

Buy the Tarah Pro

The Jaybird Tarah Pros are available on the Jaybird website

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