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Theragun Elite Review | Smart Percussive Therapy!

Lately, I’ve been trying to expand my portfolio of reviews by branching out into other genres of tech, DIY, tools, home living etc. Today I have another one of these reviews with the Theragun Elite by Therabody. A smart percussive therapy device. I also want to apologize in advance as this is my first fitness based review and this isn’t a massive area of expertise for me so if I miss anything, that’s why, but I’ll try my best!

With that out of the way, big thanks to Therabody for providing this for review!

What’s in the Box?

Included in the box of the Theragun Elite is the Theragun Elite itself, 5 different attachments, an AC Power Adapter and some documentation. Also included in the box is a premium travel case that fits the Theragun and attachments nicely when on the go.

Design and Features

I don’t really have anything else to compare this to in terms of design and quality so most of this is very off the cuff. 

The Theragun is a really robust feeling, it’s made entirely out of a hard plastic with a soft touch coating. On both sides you will find a glossy accent, this is what houses the super powerful motor in the Theragun. The overall shape is really ergonomic and feels nice in the hands.

The attachments that come with the Theragun are really easy to put on. They just click on to the end of the motor shaft and hold really tightly. But not too tight that they’re hard to get on and off. 

Moving around the Theragun, there isn’t too much to it. It’s a pretty plain and simple design. You’ll find the Thergun logo on the side of the grip. Up from this is the main control for turning it on/off and controlling things like the speed. All this is displayed on a nice little OLED display so you can keep an eye on what the Theragun is doing. On the bottom is where you will find the main power input. This is where you will charge the device and once fully charged you should get around 120 minutes of usage before you will need to charge it again.


Proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology

Therabody has managed to significantly decrease the amount of sound that the Theragun Elite creates compared to the older generation as many people have complained about the noise that it used to make and with this new motor, Therabody have been able to get the motor to output a whopping amount of force coming in at 40lbs of force!

OLED Screen

On the Theragun Elite, Therabody has included a little OLED screen to let you know what is happening in real time and let you change the force on the fly.

Theragun Triangle ergonomic handle design

The Theragun was designed with ergonomics in mind by creating the Theragun Elite in a triangle shape users are able to hold the Theragun in a number of ergonomic ways.

120 Minute Battery Life

The battery life on the new Theragun Elite is like nothing that Therabody has done before, by charging the battery to 100 either with the charger, dock or wireless charging. Users can expect a massive 120 hours of use with the Theragun Elite.

  • Smart Percussive Therapy with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3 built-in app-guided preset routines
  • Force meter
  • Wireless charging enabled
  • 1-year warranty


What are all the attachments for?

With the Theragun Elite you get five different percussive treatment attachments designed to be used on different parts of the body, but what exactly is each one for?

The Dampener

This is the main attachment that is used for overall usage, it’s the one that comes pre attached to the Theragun Elite and can be used in most places around the body to help relieve muscle and tissue stress, pain and stiffness but is most useful for tender and bony areas.

The Ball

This is just the standard ball attachment that is perfect for both large and small muscle groups.

The Wedge

The name is kind of self explanatory, this is the wedge shaped attachment. This one is perfect for the shoulder blades and is mostly used in a sort of ‘scraping’ motion to help reduce lactic acid in muscles.

The Thumb

This is the one that is sort of shaped like the tip of your thumb. This one is best used for trigger points and for the lower back. Great for people who sit in a chair all day!

The Cone

This is the last attachment that you will find with the Theragun Elite. This one is again great for the lower back but is also great for pinpoint areas where the other ones are just too big to get right in there.

What is Percussive Therapy?

Percussive Therapy is very new in terms of massage therapies. This treatment helps treat patients with soft tissue pain. It also helps accelerate the growth of tissues and repairs them by providing strong, rapid, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. To simplify, with this treatment patients receive rapid percussive tapping that then increases blood flow to the treatment area. This action helps relieve pain and can increase range of motion and function.

Android and IOS App

The Theragun Elite can be paired with the Theragun app either on IOS or Android. Using the app lets you do things like customize the force, see how much pressure you’re applying to different areas on the body and use special routines for specific treatments. The Theragun is really easy to pair to the app and the app itself is quite easy and intuitive to use.


Not going to lie, with running an online blog and sitting at my desk a lot I have let my fitness slip. I’m chonky and no way a fit person so any kind of workout hurts afterwards so having something like this is great for warming up beforehand and for helping relieve muscle and tissue pain afterwards. It’s quiet and efficient and does a wonderful job at helping relieve muscle stress in my back after a long day of sitting.


The Theragun Elite is quite pricey coming in at $649 Aussie Dollars. But remember it does offer a great range of features and benefits for those who require it.


I’m no fitness guru so I may not have touched on everything for this review, But I can say with confidence that this does really help with muscle stress and pain from a workout and just from everyday life. So if you are looking for a percussive therapy device and also want some smart features I would definitely recommend considering the Theragun Elite from Therabody.

Available from the Therabody Webstore

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Disclosure: The Theragun Elite review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

Theragun Elite
  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money


I’m no fitness guru so I may not have touched on everything for this review, But I can say with confidence that this does really help with muscle stress and pain from a workout and just from everyday life. So if you are looking for a percussive therapy device and also want some smart features I would definitely recommend considering the Theragun Elite from Therabody.

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