Today we will be reviewing the Ultimate Ears BLAST, a portable Bluetooth speaker with built in Amazon Alexa!

Big thanks to Ultimate Ears for sending this out for review.

Also stick around til the end of the article to learn how to enter a giveaway and win one of these speakers.

First Impressions

When you receive your brand new UE BLAST, it comes packaged in a cool hip packaging. Inside you will be greeted with the speaker itself, a power cord, a quick setup guide and some documentation.

The sample i received was the Merlot red.

Blast FOB Merlot.png.imgw .1000.1000

Ultimate Ears BLAST Design

The UE BLAST is mostly made up of a soft rubbery plastic, the buttons are part of the main body being embedded in the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button. On the top is the main power button and the Bluetooth pairing button. And the Ultimate Ears logo on the spine.

The UE BLAST comes in a range of colours including Mojito, Graphite, Bluesteel, Merlot and Blizzard. The speakers are hidden behind a coloured mesh, depending on your model.

Underneath holds the weather door, which is held down by a screw in loophole for hooking to things, Inside the weather door is where the charge port and power up connectors are.

Blast 34FR Merlot.png.imgw .1000.1000

The whole body is quite heavy and sturdy which helps to aid in the UE BLAST’s drop proof feature.

Ultimate Ears BLAST Features

The UE Blast is packed full of amazing features, including but not limited to.

  • Alexa is probably the best feature of this speaker, being able to use Amazon Alexa while on the go (internet connection required).
  • 12-Hour long battery life, the UE BLAST boasts a massive 12 hour battery letting you listen to music all day long
  • Waterproof, the UE BLAST has a waterproof rating of IP67 which means the speaker can be fully emerged in water for up to 30 minutes and is also dustproof
  • 360 Sound
  • And Many More!

Built in Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Stacked RGB Dark Color 1024x437

Blast have Amazon Alexa built-in all to allow users to control the music with their voice when the device is connected to wi-fi.

You can ask for a particular song, turn up the volume, load up a playlist and even control any connected smart devices in your home.

You can even try one of the many skills available for Alexa which give users the ability to do anything from order a pizza to checking their bank balance.

Voice control is also compatible for Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

You can get even more enjoyment out of the Megablast and Blast speakers by downloading the Ultimate Ears app.

From the app users can take advantage of the built-in wi-fi, adjust the settings and also group numerous speakers for an even bigger sound.

With just two speakers you can set up stereo mode either through Bluetooth or wi-fi.


The UE BLAST is a great, and i mean GREAT speaker. I really loved using it and think that you will too. You can purchase one here.

Or if you don’t want to purchase one, you can enter the giveaway that i am doing.

Email with 25 words or less on why YOU should win this speaker.

Make sure to include the following (*not included in word count)

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Country

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