Smart home surveillance is becoming really popular thanks to the super simple wireless cameras on the market today, being able to keep an eye on your pets and loved ones while you’re not home is great. But what about the outside? Well, I may have the perfect product for you. The Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo PT is a wirefree, outdoor Pan and Tilt surveillance camera.

Big thanks to Uniden for sending this out for review!

What’s in the Box?

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Included in the camera box is the camera itself, an antenna, 2 different mounting brackets, mounting hardware and some documentation.

Also included in the main box is the solar panel box, The solar panel comes with a pre attached super long cable and a mounting arm and hardware.

Design and Features

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The design of the Solo PT is really nice and modern looking. It’s made of white plastic with the camera section being black. On the base of the unit is the standard camera mounting screw hold to mount it to one of the two available mounts.

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Round the back of the camera is the Micro-USB port for charging it via a standard cable or the included solar panel. Here is also where the antenna is screwed in so that it can connect to your home WiFi. Above this is where you will find the power switch to turn the camera on and off.

Tilting the lense itself will reveal the Micro-SD card slot to record all the footage to an SD card. Unless really necessary, I wouldn’t really recommend unless you don’t have wifi this as you will have to climb up and get the SD card out whenever you want to view footage, format it etc

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  • 100% Wire-Free
  • Pan and Tilt Camera – Rotate up to 355 Degrees and Tilt up to 140 Degrees
  • Solar Power Included
  • Thermo Sense Technology
  • FULL HD 1080P
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • SD Card & Cloud Backup
  • Weatherproof Design (IP65)*
  • Night Vision – Up to 10 Metres
  • Smart Intelligent Alerts
  • Customised Voice Recordable Alerts
  • Siren Alert Trigger
  • Two-Way Talk

Setup and Software

Setting up the Solo PT is really simple, just download the app, connect the camera to your WiFi, put in some basic info like the name of the camera and away you go. I really like how Undien doesn’t require you to register for an account just to set up the camera. Though if you want to use Uniden’s Cloud Recording service you will need to sign up for an account.

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The app is super easy to use and navigate and live streaming the camera feed works really well. Using the Pan and Tilt function of the camera is also really easy and just requires you to go to the PTZ section to control.

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Image Quality

I did do some outside testing of this camera and for obvious reasons I don’t want to put those images on the internet. The camera records at 1080p 30FPS and produces some pretty clear images. I did find that when using the PTZ function the footage got a little choppy but not too bad.

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Here is a screenshot of how it performs indoors.


The Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo PT can be found online and instore for around $350 AUD which isn’t too bad of a price for a PT camera and Solar Panel combo.


The Uniden App Cam Solo PT is a great choice for those who want an outdoor camera to keep an eye on their property. With the PTZ you can look around the property to keep an eye on all areas!

Available from JB HiFi

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Disclosure: The Uniden App Cam Solo PT review sample was loaned to me for reviewing but all opinions are of my own and not paid.

Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo PT Review
  • Design
  • Features
  • Performance
  • User Friendly
  • Value for Money


The Uniden App Cam Solo PT is a great choice for those who want an outdoor camera to keep an eye on their property. With the PTZ you can look around the property to keep an eye on all areas!