You may all be wondering by now, where have I been. Let me explain a little.

So back in the late end of 2020, I was forced to vacate my house that I was staying in with my father and brother. This was due to a falling out between people that is far too complicated to explain. So, we ended up living in a motel until we could secure another property to live in.

At the beginning of 2021, we were lucky enough to secure a property and things were finally going smoothly, we had moved in and got everything set up. I had even got all my Cleb’s Tech studio gear up and running, ready to begin reviewing tech again.

But then things went south again. On the 2nd of March, My father had a heart attack and cardiac arrest which I had the pleasure of watching. Thankfully for the efforts of NSW Ambulance, He survived. But that of course, threw another spanner in the works of Cleb’s Tech.

Then came the next kick to the shins, During the Mid of April, My home was broken into, ransacked and destroyed. Thieves taking all my current review samples and equipment along with many other items. I thankfully had my main computer, so they didn’t run off with that but they either stole or destroyed all my other belongings.

So while I have had quite a rough time lately, I am still wanting to keep going with my passion. Tech! So I am now staying with family while my father recovers and we slowly rebuild our lives. So during this time, I have taken it upon myself to rebuild the Cleb’s Tech and now to go back to weekly reviews starting this coming week!

So stay tuned for all new reviews of the latest gadget!

See you all soon!!

– Caleb